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A Trainer's Take on 13 of the Most Popular Abs Exercises


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  • I like working my abs on the stability ball....but I have some inner ear issues and doing the ball makes me really dizzy, even nauseous. Weird but true.
  • Thanks. Loved it.
  • ab rocker machine? are you guys nuts?
    It's confusing that the title says 13 best exercises while the exercises listed are from best to worse.
    Also, too bad that of the first three, you do need materials for two of them, and of the first five, you need materials for three of the exercises, also.
  • The instructions do not match the video. RIGHT ELBOW needs to touch RIGHT KNEE and LEFT ELBOW to LEFT KNEE....sure seems like model is doing the opposite elbow to knee!
  • The title of this article doesn't match up with the content. How can something that experts say is 'relatively effective' make it into the list of "13 Best Abs Exercise?"
  • I'd love to save this article, but I am finding it really hard to see a save to favorites button? I'd really like to refer back to these great ab exercises!
    even though I'm new to this it's been very helpful to me and my kids
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    These exercises are great and very professional! Last year some of them I saw in a beautiful training I received from It's a dutch site, but the training has got nice things that you mentioned as well; but also some great fitness tools, like the kettlebell, it's freaking awesome!
    gud morning,spark people. how can i trim my belly after I gave birth 5 months go.i undergone CS delivery.tnx
  • where was the Bird dog??
  • Am I reading the full study article wrong or is this not really the "best" 13 ab exercises, but just 13 "popular" exercises they chose to test, ranked high to low?

    Not that it's not interesting information, but based on the article, "best" seems to be misleading for an article headline.

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