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Dodging the Exercise Roller Coaster

Fun Workouts, No Matter Where You Are


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  • Need to try the commercial break idea.
  • Thanks for the ideas!
    Couple good ideas. Just need to rethink exercise at work examples
  • I moved my stationary bike and treadmill into the living room now that it's only my husband and me. Perfect for getting a workout while catching up on TV.
  • I do not want to see any of my co-workers in their gym clothes. Nor do they want to see me in mine.
  • Good ideas. Thanks for sharing.
  • I save my favorite tv shows and only watch them while working out on the elliptical machine. It makes exercise time go quickly and makes the hardest part of the workout seem much easier.
  • Don't work so coworkers don't have to think anything.
    I hate to say this, but there are some really idiotic suggestions in this article.

    - Hold a meeting at the gym??? Most gyms require membership for ALL participants, so if your coworkers are not a member of the same gym (that happens to be onsite??) How do you manage to use the gym. How do you block out time & space for this? What about privacy, coworkers' fitness levels, or disabilities? What if some of your coworkers are at different locations/cities/countries, or work from home?

    - Step aerobics on phone books??? An accident waiting to happen!

    - Close your door and shadow box for a few minutes??? Assumes everyone has an office. Many companies have an open floor plan.

    How about something a lot more practical,

    - Bring your lunch, then take a walk afterwards, instead of going to the drive-thru.

    - Walk to your coworkers desk to talk instead of calling them.

    - Park in the farthest parking space in the parking lot.
  • My coworkers would literally pee their pants if they caught me working out in my office! :)
  • Most of the articles on this site and very helpful, but this one should be categorized as satire! Step aerobics on phonebooks? At work? That is one of the most absurd ideas I've ever heard ... not to mention dangerous. Imagine having to tell your boss that you fell and broke your leg while doing step aerobics ... at work ... on phonebooks.

    The tip about working out during TV commercials is a good one. I actually do that sometimes - a quick circuit of crunches, pushups, air squats, and jumping jacks. I also do mobility work during some of my TV shows.
  • Lol great ideas. Just not sure how my coworkers would view me when I start shadow boxing in the office, or making weights out of phone books. They may give me a little vacation to the looney bin....which may not be so bad, actually. Hmmmm.....

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