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The Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape

Flattering Styles for Every Figure


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  • Do they have a feature on "fat blob" costume shapes!!!! I may have slightly resembled those body shapes 20 years ago, but where are the realistic ideas!!!!
  • I recommend modcloth for swimsuits in cute styles for different shapes and sizes. The prices though...
  • Ooops I see I just repeated previous comments, and that Coach Nicole gave a helpful explanation on first page - sorry : )
  • I didn't see any difference between the body shape of these models: all perfect and slender, no apples, pears or rectangles.
    The text may be helpful but the pictures did not help to visualize at all.
  • "How to pick the perfect swimsuit. Put the swimsuit on you. Does it fit you? Perfect!".

  • I agree that these models do not help at all. They don't have anything to hide that I can see. Give us realistic models with figure flaws of all types so we can see how the suits would really look on us!! Better yet get someone who is not a model and "suit" them appropriately. Now that would really help.
  • I have to agree with those who found the article unhelpful. Let's see photos of swimsuits on actual people who have problem areas (or problem bodies!) I would be much more likely to buy a suit if I could see how it might minimize the flaws of people who look more like me. The models can take care of themselves.
    I recently purchased few swim suits and beach dress.You can also check out their latest collection of swim wears like sports swim wear,Mix n match tops,Bottoms and many more stock at
    rts-swimwear/ for pocket friendly prices .
  • Choice of models is so bad! So So Bad.
  • If you want to buy swimsuits for real women with real curves, try
    I've gotten some beautiful swimsuits, even bikinis, from them that flatter full figured women no matter where your curves are positioned. They also celebrate the curves instead of suggesting how to hide them.
  • ridiculous article. if you are going to talk about swimsuits for heavier persons who are already self conscious in a suit, why can't you use models that ARE a little heavier, DO have problem areas.....
    not helpful - I can see these suits and these models (perfect looking) in any mainstream magazine or catalog.
    VERY disappointed that SP would even post such a ridiculous article.
  • I love the Esther Williams swimsuits. They're not much more than a regular one piece and made in the USA. They're very retro and flatter many figures and sizes. Highly, highly recommend checking them out.
    feeling terribly insulted. Unbelievable that thin models are chosen for fat women who haven't been swimming for years because there ARE NO cool swimsuits for us. Thin models who would look good in ANYTHING, and who had no discernible pear or apple about them.

    next time, just forthrightly rub our noses in our own fatness instead of tricking us into wasting time on an article that obviously wasn't written for us.
  • Disappointed in model choices. Not one is "real". Article not helpful. Distracting and insulting, actually.
  • Swimming is my sport. I want a swim suit that I can actually swim in, not something that has pads and folds just to cover up imaginary imperfections. If people don't like the way I look in it, too bad for them; just look away. Besides, the whole point is to be in the water and once you're in there, nobody really sees the figure of your body anyway. I think I look fabulous for 43, cellulite, tummy, and all.
    I usually buy my swimsuits in Germany, where people are less worried about body image. In the US, the only decent swim suits you can get are Tyr, Nike, or Speedo, but they start with the padding at a size 14, which makes them useless to me.
    Articles like this feed into the obsession with looks. So who cares if you're 200-300 pounds!? Get in your swimsuit and swim them off! Anyone who stares has their own issues.

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