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Fitting Healthy Habits Into Your Hectic Life

13 Tips to Get More Nutrition and Fitness into Your Day



2/2/2012 9:38:38 AM

@ Ivy - if you notice, there are comments on this article dating all the way back to 2007. They are re-using articles that have great advice instead of adding to the '100+ that say the same thing.' I think its a great idea to bring articles like this one back to the forefront from time to time - you never know when someone is new to the site and *hasn't* heard it all before!


2/2/2012 8:16:43 AM

Drinking water is the best tip ever, people don't realize that our bodies are 70 % made of water. it helps with constipation, healthy nails etc but also I would suggest stop eating salad dressings! they are poison filled with chemicals and sugars. Try to use lemon, balsamic vinegar, olive oil. salt, pepper and Dijon mustard instead of the disgusting thing coming out of a bottle. There I said it I know it is part of this awesome country to have choices: Ranch, blue cheese, even balsamic vinaigrette they are bad for you. Is just a very bad habit and it will help to loose a few pounds immediately; that I know for sure


8/24/2011 11:46:01 AM

I have to laugh every time someone says "caffeine is bad, so replace coffee with green tea". Green tea has caffiene in it, folks. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. If you use a tea bag per cup, you're getting as much caffiene as a light-roast coffee. Nothing wrong with it... unless you think you're cutting back. Try tisanes or decaffienated tea/coffee if you are actually trying to cut out caffiene!


8/19/2011 1:03:51 AM

One day I'd like to see an article that says, "Tips For Ultimate Wellness & Happy: Remember everything that we've already told you a hundred that. The End."

If it's not different, it's really not worth my time to read it and there's really no need to write a new article about it either. Just reference one of the other 100 articles that say the same thing. I'm just saying...


4/6/2011 1:53:05 PM

I like the idea of putting in cucumber in the water, but I also added a slice of lemon and orange. I've been drinking much more water. I haven't gotten into the planning a week's menu, I only play 2-3 days at a time because I don't know what time either my hubby or I'll be home for longer than than that.


2/3/2011 11:25:29 AM

I have an additional tip for those who don't like the taste of plain water. Slice a cucumber into a pitcher of water and chill. MEGA-refreshing! I learned this tip from a local restaurant, where they offer diners a choice of plain or cucumber water after they are seated. It's also a nice break from lemon water! Refill the pitcher as needed, the cukes will flavor the water for about a week...when the slices turn transparent it's time for a fresh pitcher and a fresh cucumber.


2/2/2011 3:45:29 AM

These are great ideas! I know them by now, but it's good to be reminded.


7/25/2010 9:26:19 PM

FATHINSN's SparkPage
Menu planning sounds good - I think it will save time and money when preparing meals, buying ingridients. I like the idea of batch cooking, my mother always do that as it definitely save time but the big cons is if living with a fussy eater who doesn't like to eat more than once of same meal on same day (my grandma who (un)fortunately stayed at somewhere else is one of this fussy eater, haha).

By the way, there's something wrong with the tips numbering, starting from tips #10 (sorry, it was my document QAQC kicked in!)


3/17/2010 1:45:08 PM

MOCOLOCO's SparkPage
Good article. I like the linked article on "portable snacks" too.


2/3/2010 6:16:49 PM

menu planning is something I found that saves me a ton of time and helps me save money AND eat healthier. I love it!


2/3/2010 4:15:47 PM

It definitely takes more than 15 minutes to write down a menu! For me, it takes quite a lot of time, but it is worth it in the end.


2/3/2010 12:31:39 PM

JHERRIKW's SparkPage
Isn't it old news now that coffee is not dehyrating? It may not be the best choice because it is a stimulant, but as far as being a diuretic I think the science shows this not to be the case.


2/2/2010 2:38:12 PM

I think that fruit juice like orange juice and grape juice can be healthy for the vitamins they contain. I have started to add half water to my glasses of juice. This gives the benefit of water, and dilutes the sugar. Plus...I like the taste!


2/2/2010 12:31:19 PM

NAENAE1964's SparkPage
Very good article. I'm new to sparkpeople and the articles are very helpful to get motivated.


2/2/2010 12:04:48 PM

AUDMKAMP's SparkPage
You tell people to cut out soda & replace it with 100% juice, then go on to say in the next point to cut out the sugar??? What is juice, if not nearly naturally sugary water? Talk about conflicting advice!
Fruit yes, juice no! Lets not drink our calories! Food is so much more satisfying.

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