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9 Tips to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

Don't Let Two Days Derail Your Diet!


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  • Good article. The weekends are tough because I don't want to cook so I snack, which is awful
  • Good points! I am really thrown off my game when my schedule or routine changes. Strategy and a little planning when possible help immensely.

    However, although it's typical, not all of us have the weekday/weekend routine.
  • I know it isn't typical but I have a terrible time getting in enough calories on the weekends.
  • I often treat myself to a meal out on the weekend, sometimes even two. I look forward to the break from the kitchen. Usually I plan where I'm going and look up the menu and nutrition information ahead of time. I go one step further and enter it into my tracker as well. If the portion is huge I divide it before I begin to eat. Portion size, calories and a lot of fat are certainly an issue in most restaurants, but the thing that really concerns me is the sodium content. I often ask for my grilled meats to be prepared with no seasoning and sauces on the side.
    I also plan for extra walking opportunities on the weekend, like shopping, or the park. All in all I don't see the weekend days as different from any other days. It's all about making the right choices, every meal, every minute, every day.

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