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10 Perfect Protein Powder Recipes

It's Not Just for Shakes Anymore!


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  • I add protein powder to all the baked goods that I make my kids from pancakes, muffins, waffles, biscuits, cookies etc. Basically any batter or dough gets an extra boost of protein. I also add it to sauces and soups. It even helps to thicken things up instead of using flour or cornstarch.
  • This was a great article. I never really thought about adding protein powder to anything by shakes. What an easy power boost to meals!!!
  • I love this article! I never protein powder could be used in all these different recipes!
  • I couldn't believe junk foods liked these (white flour, sugar, carbs) would have a place in a healthy website. The only protein I used was from whole food liked lean meats and chickens.
  • If you would like protein powder with little sugar (2 g) and a lot of protein (20 g), then check out Hammer products. They also pack a whole lot of flavor
    These Protein Recipes sound great not only for me but I will make them for my husband who is on dialysis and needs all the protein he can get.
    Thank You for the wonderful ideas.
  • TREBLE72
    Anyone else having trouble getting to the actual recipes? When I click on the link, nothing happens.
    For those looking for a protein powder without a lot of carbs and sugar. I've seen one called "about time" that has little to no carbs and a lot of protein. I tried it some time ago and I liked it. But, its more expensive now than it was back then..
  • Thank you for writing this! I'm a vegetarian, so I'm definitely going to be checking out these recipes.
  • Hi,
    I have never tried a protein powder...If you use it please let me know how you like it, are they chalky, expensive, name and where I might be able to buy it. Thanks and yes they all do look yummy.
  • I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. Look yummy and healthy!!
  • These all sound too yummy!
  • I have a competitive swimmer in the house and at the end of his workouts he needs to get a boost of protein within 30 mins. These handy snack (well the easy grab ones) will be perfect.
  • Yes, please---I would like to know the diabetic friendly protein powder also. Thanks!

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