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Sleeping Soundly with Chronic Pain

7 Ways to Sleep Better Now


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  • I have a long history of actually sleeping better with my cats when 1 or more (especially in very cold weather) comes to sleep near me or on me.
  • This article is well documented with a lot of links.
  • great information
  • I just completed a chronic pain course and some of these suggestions were taught to us in the course. Thank you for giving us some new ones we can use. God Bless.
  • I will try some of these suggestions thanks!
  • I've had chronic pain since the mid-90s and now that I'm older and have had multiple fractures, I have even more chronic pain. I've tried all of the suggestions and for me, sleep is elusive because pain will wake me after 45 min all night. I don't get restorative sleep so now my memory and recall is suffering so much that I worry I have early Alzheimers. The same pain that keeps me awake at night also prevents naps so I rarely get more than 4-5 hrs of broken up sleep ever.
    The suggestions are very good for others, tho. Thank you.
  • Great information here. I have just registered for a 6 week course on living with severe pain. I'm looking forward to start attending next week. I can possibly relay some of this information to the class as well.
  • I actually sleep better with one or more of my cats on top of me especially when it is cold. They create a warm spot (body contact) and start purring and that can even have me falling asleep when I wasn't planning on it.
  • Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
    only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate;
    only love can do that.
    - Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Thank you- something I really needed to hear.
  • I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who can't take melatonin - I feel like TOTAL crap the next day ( like almost HUNG OVER - NO Thanks) and then it takes a day or two to feel normal again. I can take Sleep MD (not sure if its available outside of Canada or Z-quil but I usually only take 1/2 of a dose). They usually don't seem to bother me - a couple of Gravol pills also works.
  • I feel groggy as well when so take Melatonin to sleep. A single Benadryl pill )which is the same ingredient of all the over the counter sleep aids like Tylenol PM or Advil PM) is what I take a few nights a week. I use 3 different thickness and firmness of pillows. One for under my head, one between my arms that is fluffy and soft and one between my knees that is thinner.
  • I have used melatonin several times. Never again!! I feel groggy when I wake up, and it also causes confusion. Now I just use a half of tylenol pm
    Good information that I needed. Thank you!

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