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5 Common Running and Walking Injuries

How to Prevent and Treat Pain from Running and Walking


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    Went out Tuesday and bought a good good pair of running shoes.
  • great information
  • Great husband is currently suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and this is very helpful.
  • Found this article helpful in understanding the injuries and how to prevent and/or treat them. My goal is to walk 3-5 miles every day of my life, at least 45 minutes, regardless of distance at a consistent pace.
  • I have had almost all of those conditions at one time or other. They were treated. Because my back has several conditions I've been told not to walk on a treadmill or hard surfaces. My step tracker keeps me moving howerver, I do core exrcises every morning. Use Ice and moist heat and dancing doesn't seem to hurt. Where there is a will there is a way
  • I distance walk now, thought I used to run years ago. I keep a good pace and lately I have used weights in each hand to amp up the workout. I try to walk in as many charity events as I can, particularly Relay For Life where I walk all night long. I also do 5k's sometimezs.Walking gives me energy and kepps me feeling alive and happy all the time. I live in Florida, so we have many scheduled walks every month of the year outdoors. But I train indoors and out, depending on which workout interests me that day. Absolutely love this program as I have learned more about my nutritional health and love tracking every day. Can you tell I'm on a post workout high here? Have a wonderful, healthy day, everyone!
  • Great information. I've used walking as my primary workout for much of my weight loss journey because we've been out of town. I'm now ready to include some jogging and this info will help me transition safely
  • Since my ankle reconstruction and hardware within, presence of mind calls attention to the placement of that foot so roll-over dose not occur. Lately,I've noticed a tendency for a roll-over, then I can feel the pin placement in that ankle. Therefor I'm not one for running.
    Great article! What I thought was just a few muscle pulls was Shin splints that once treated correctly were relieved!
  • By following the recommendations of always warming up, never increasing distance or elevation too fast, always stretching afterwards and wearing shoes appropriate for your type of feet and stride, even someone with flat, over-pronating feet like me can run comfortably for decades.

    Good article.
  • I have suffered from IBT for YEARS but until I read this I wasn't sure what it was called. My hip pops and cracks shortly after I start fitness walking and sometimes it gets quite sore. It's loud enough that my DH can hear it. Ouch!

    This is my 2nd day of the 30 day walking challenge!
    Hi. I think I can do this challenge, 10 minutes walking........
  • I have Plantar Fasciitis plus Neuropathy! For the Plantar Fasciitis I went through about 15 physical therapy sessions, stretching, soaking, etc. None of these helped much until I got Orthotic inserts! Big difference!!!
  • SILVIA1961
    I just started one of the Sparks programs, 5 weeks to a 5 K. I am taking my dog out on the walk/run program. I feel guilty if I leave him behind.

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