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5 Common Running and Walking Injuries

How to Prevent and Treat Pain from Running and Walking


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thank you Report
Suffered from ITB for many years. I find if I stretch regularly and nightly work my legs through a foam roller it stays at bay. Self massage on my runs if it occurs does help in the short term.... its just one of those things that when you suffer from it you deal with it. I have also had shin splints which is extremely painful! Knock on wood.... I've been clear of both so far this year :) Report
great article Report
Thank you for this very interesting article. Good need-to-know information on how to take care of an injury. Report
Achilles tendinopathy is what my doctor told me I was dealing with currently. She said warm-up and stretch before and after my walk would help. It did. Report
Great article, thanks for sharing. Report
Good info to have. Especially since I need to carry a 40 pound backpack on top of distance. Knees and ankles don't like the overweight me when I do that. Report
Believe me when I say I probably wouldn't have read this info before I did damage to my knees, ankles, and hips; but this is very useful info, and will keep me from doing any more damage. Thank you. 8-0 Report
This is a great article......................Thank You. Report
Shared with family members Report
Thank you! I’ve been there with some of the injuries when I was a runner. Report
Very informative! Report
Great article! Report
Good article. Thanks. Report
My older friends have this, it is such a bother, they are all in their 60’s. Report

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