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8 Healthy Habits That Make You Radiant

How to Achieve a More Youthful Appearance, Naturally


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  • Love it! Super reminders to use as a checklist for our own habits.
  • MOVE2LOSE624
    Great article. Even if we "know" we should be doing something, hearing/reading it again always helps. Thanks Tean.
  • Good article and great comments
  • I'm 58. My so called glory days are long gone. I am now retired. I hear "you don't look no 58"all the time. I exercise 5-6 x's a week. Don't really watch my diet as I should, but definitely don't go overboard to often. Gluten free just seems like another fad diet. Some people do need to stay away from gluten, but as a diet? To each his own!
    I am 56 and do not have a line or wrinkle or sunspot on my face. I have alopecia, so my hair is gone, I am obese and my glory days are long past me, but to look way way younger than you are, what has worked for me is, no smoking, no drinking and shunning the sun like poison. I am still passing for 40. Wish I had my hair and would not mind trading in the sagging jawline, but hey ....
  • Great article! Our countenance is key in looking our best. Even as an overweight woman, I felt so much better when I held my head high, was well groomed, well rested, and had a great attitude!
    When I lost weight my confidence burst forth!
    Goes for guys too!!!!

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  • I agree with many of the posts but will add that whatever makes us love our body more is good for us both inside and out. I do see a difference from drinking lots of water and its effect on my skin - which becomes less dry and itchy - so that pleases me very much. When people are in love, their whole body glows - I think loving ourselves well (however you personally define it) makes us glow too!
  • I'm with MIAMIAMIA20. Why did you sneak in the "gluten-free" concept? This is the first time I have ever seen a claim of global benefits attributed to this fad, which is a legitimate dietary restriction for a very few people. There is no reason for the average person to buy gluten-free products and there is no proof of a benefit.

    I also agree with KB42AND FIT. I am disappointed that you join in the culture that celebrates superficial youthfulness and implies that women are not attractive if they don't look like those airbrushed magazine covers. "Green with envy"???? Wow. What are we, in junior high school?
  • I agree with most of this article although I feel some of the claims lack scientific evidence. I would like to see some citations for them. Specifically these points:

    - gluten-free grains instead of other, wholewheat options (there's really no reason to avoid gluten if you don't have any gluten-related disorders such as celiac disease, and they are quite rare)

    - exactly how much water a person needs (the 8 cups per day guideline we often see is really just a guesstimation that isn't scientifically proven), if it really has an impact on your appearance and whether other beverages really dehydrate the body
  • I think a lot of the comments are right, genetics plays a role! I got lucky hitting the genetics jackpot myself. However, I think being careful with sun exposure was left out. Getting sleep, water, eating clean, exercising and reducing stress are the most helpful ideas! Anything you do to keep the body in great shape has to be helpful and keep you feeling optimal~
  • I used to smoke, I used to drink, sure social, but I was a party girl, long after the girl was very much a women. And there were the social indulging in drugs. How did this affect my skin, hair, general look? I didn't know until I quit. I looked healthier, younger, every part of me was more radiant. Yes I have good genes. but you can take the most beautiful women and subject her to bad habits, and see how she declines in appearance.
    Not everyone who is eating healthy, exercising,getting sleep, are going to turn into a knockout beauty. But they are going to look a lot better than if they didn't.. That's what this article is saying.
    When I don't sleep, I'm under stress, i show it right away. And since i am vain, yeah, I admit it, that's why I hated myself when I became obese. I take one look at the circles, dull hair, and know that I have to take steps to get back on track.
    there's nothing wrong in wanting to look attractive, as long as that isn't all a person is about.
    As women and men, we should do everything to keep ourselves looking and feeling the best we can.
    I'm happy to say I'm near 73.
    I'm too afraid of scars, blood and pain to have any nips and tucks. So I gotta work with what I got and that's the way it is.
  • I have to agree with KB42ANDFIT in this is a VERY gender sexist post. However, I also have to say it's a pretty useless post as well. I'm not trying to be the bearer of bad new but I do all those things and I still look my age. LOL (happily so) Sorry ladies and gentleman (see Spark?? THAT's how you include..) but genetics plays a roll in this...and if you're truly vain, plastic surgery :o)

    Now, the article WAS great for daily living habits. and I think THAT's what the article should have been geared for. I'll take my 5 points though. :o)
  • Thank you very much for this inspiration post.

    Sometimes we forget to relax and take some time off, even when we are relaxing!

    Great article!
  • Oh, excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT points. Thanks so much for putting all the ducks in a row! I am sixty, have always consciously practiced each of these directives thanks to the teachings of my wonderfully wise mother and her mother and her - well, you get my point :) People are always shocked when I tell them my age, guessing me at early 40's at the outside. Yes, I am very pleased lol. The best advice is the simple stuff, so keep preaching it, girl!

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