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5 Healthy Habits That Can Cause Headaches

These Good-for-You Habits Might Be a Pain in the Head



6/19/2014 8:23:14 AM

I experience the sleep one.


12/9/2013 4:51:17 AM

LEANMEAN2's SparkPage
Thanks for sharing. Good information.


12/1/2013 12:44:18 PM

WOUBBIE's SparkPage
A comment for anyone who lowers their sugar and starch intake suddenly - the sudden loss of retained water will make you low on sodium, and this generally can cause headache and fatigue, as well as sore muscles. You'll need to drink some broth or sports drink to get your electrolytes balanced again.


6/27/2013 11:08:55 AM

I get headaches when it's hot but I doubt it's because I'm dehydrated. I drink a LOT of water and I always have a bottle on hand.


6/27/2013 10:28:24 AM

APONI_KB's SparkPage
I sometimes get headaches after I run. I was blaiming allergies but now I wonder if it's dehydration espeically since this tends to happen more in the summer than winter.

Just for fun I weighed myself before and after my run yesterday, I lost 1 pound of water running. Well I didn't lose it, it was there on my shirt but that's a lot of water really.


6/27/2013 1:54:48 AM

Interesting article, but I found the article (listed as a resource for this article) much more informative. For instance, the article listed other triggers that could be in your packed lunch, such as aged cheeses, diet drinks or dark chocolate.


6/17/2013 4:32:41 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Yes really good info. I need to stay motivate all the time. I had a headache yesterday. I went to long before eating after church. Went visiting for father day.


5/28/2013 3:39:29 AM

This is some great information, particularly about sleeping and exercising; I think the biggest takeaway is to be consistent, which is something I struggle with. Knowing that it's going to help reduce headaches is definitely a motivator.

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