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5 Healthy Habits That Can Cause Headaches

These Good-for-You Habits Might Be a Pain in the Head


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I'm fortunate that I don't get many headaches. Report
I get headaches regularly. Been to so many doctors, can't find reason. Report
good information Report
I have never had a migraine but do get sinus headaches. I use mucinix for that kind and it helps greatly! Report
I used to have the caffeine problem related to headaches. Report
As a sufferer of migraines, I can attest to the information given by Tzuzen, Sifuslim, and Shulamit58. I didn't know about the celery nitrates, thank you. I've been doing the intermittent fasting type of diet for about 7 months and have lost 20 pounds and noticed the frequency of my headaches have been reduced. The weather also plays a big part of triggering a headache for me. I found if I take a Magnesium suplenment every day it helps decrease the intensity of all my headaches.

As each of us is different, these are only my observations of what triggers my headaches and what helps prevent them. Report
One other issue for headaches, including migraine, is the *weather*.... I've basically *never* had a headache when the weather is lovely-- *all* my headaches are when the weather is grey, overcast, low-air-pressure, type days. I'm grateful the weather service I use now has 'migraine weather forecasts' included-- yesterday my headache disappeared 'miraculously' once the weather shifted and became beautiful ;-). While other 'triggers' need to be in place on 'crummy weather' days for a headache to start, it's sort of like the weather gives me 'lots of migraine possible points', allowing the least stress to 'tip' me over. It's a reminder to be especially *good* to myself on 'crummy weather' days, and do pre-emptive strategies to relax to *avoid* getting a migraine ;-).
A lot of good information. I will try some of these suggestions to get rid of headaches. Report
This is not a critique of well-intentioned writers. It is definitely an observation on sharing some 'final words' on workable and genuine wellness practices.

If you seek wellness answers, ask a true wellness person. I don't hold myself out to be a scientist though I read a lot of science and do plenty of experiments. Most of the studies and wellness articles are developed by people who are not 'natural wellness' people. Most people are too busy, have too many responsibilities, are too sedentary, and spend too much time indoors to be considered natural wellness people. Generally, I see people looking through a lens that is fogged by the modern era of fixing problems, not thriving with a natural or intuitive pattern euphoria (from the Greek 'euphoros'--to be well).

Those are big statements but stand by them I do. Natural wellness takes time and takes some uncontaminated nature. Natural means diurnal living and plenty of downtime, not to mention a myriad of other things including intermittent fasting. One of the ways I write is standing at a high desk. Every hour, I take a stretch or exercise break. This happens throughout the day and helps to provide what native people enjoyed, including, overall wellness, energy (including brain energy), blood flow, biomechanical invigoration, and lymph fluid movement.
Aloha from my laptop, from where I am connected to my grounding pad.

See for more. Report
So-called "uncured" sausages and luncheon meats that have the characteristic coloring found in "cured" versions actually contain nitrates naturally occurring in celery juice. USDA requires labeling sausages and luncheon meats using celery juice, instead of direct nitrites which undergo curing to becomes nitrates, as "uncured". The color is a dead giveaway.

Cook's Illustrated has tested the so-called "uncured" bacon from well known brands at places like Whole Foods and the levels of nitrates vary since celery juice is not standardized to deliver specific dosages. Direct add nitrites (which become nitrates during curing process) have a max limit and is carefully controlled. Cook's Illustrated's article on the topic confirmed this consistency.

Note that foods have standard of identity as noted in the Code of Federal Regulations. This indicates what is and is not allowed in foods. For a company to label a product as "natural Swiss cheese" there are requirements what can and cannot be in that food to allow it to be called "Swiss Cheese" on the front panel of the product.

This is a very deep topic and if you really want to know what a 'beef enchilada' can contain, google 'beef enchilada CFR'. Food labeling is much more complex than many realize. Report
Headaches have become an everyday issue for me since trying to be healthier. None of the reasons given are applicable to me. I'm getting very frustrated, I'm tired of feeling bad. Report
The headaches from quitting caffeine are so bad it helps me remember why I no longer drink it. don't want to go there again! Report
Two major migraine triggers for me are over-sleeping and caffiene withdrawals. I like my coffee too much and loathe migraines enough that I don't plan on giving that up, but I never lounge around in bed long enough to trigger a headache anymore. Mostly my triggers are allergy related now. Report
I experience the sleep one. Report
Thanks for sharing. Good information. Report

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