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How Yoga Helps Relieve Pain

Quiet Your Mind, Soothe Your Body


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  • Good article - well-written, well-researched, comprehensive... Very helpful!
    yoga is awesome!
  • One form of yoga not mentioned in this article is Iyengar yoga which incorporates belts, bolsters and blocks as part of the practice. Perfect for those with pain.
  • For years I stayed away from yoga, because I thought a workout had to be strenuous, fast-paced, and sweaty.
    A year ago I met my favorite online friend - Adriene, who transformed my views on yoga practice, helped me deal with my mental issues, and completely transformed my body. I am so much more flexible and stronger now.
    I started with just a few short sessions a week, and now I can't start my day without yoga. I wake up happy, because I know what's coming up next.
    I want everyone to feel as free, flexible and positive as I am. Check out Adriene's youtube channel.
    Stay healthy and happy.
  • I find that I am less sore if I pair a tough cardio or toning workout with yoga, also I have found yoga to be more effective then a prescription dose of Motrin at reliving menstrual cramping.
    Nice Article! I feel like I could be your mom: I used to do the Jane Fonda videos, hike and bike ride. After fracturing my hip three years ago my life became very different. I successfully used yoga as physical therapy. Today, although I suffered some permanent nerve damage, I'm mostly ok. And I teach yoga!

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