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9 Myths & Misconceptions About Pilates

The Truth about the Pilates Method


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    I found Pilates is great for my flexibility and core but I still have to do strength training for the rest of my body.
  • An interesting read!
  • very useful points thanks for sharing
  • Pilates and running are the only exercises I have done CONSISTENTLY since I started exercising. Other exercise trends have come and gone for me, but not these two.
    Thanks for sharing.
  • I add Pilates & Yoga stretches to the end of my daily cardio workout--they're great for staying flexible and feeling good after your workout...but I never found either to be a full workout! I still need to walk on my treadmill & pedal on my exercise bike to get my heart & lungs pumping!

    Glad I don't belong to a gym--those classes sound WAY too expensive for my budget!
  • Good information going to use this.
  • I have done Pilates for over 10 years, both mat and reformer. I highly recommend it. My core strength has improved. It also has helped with balance and flexibility. Find a good instructor when you start out. My introduction to Pilates was a mat class. There were 10 of us in the class. The instrucotr was able to assist everyone and taught us proper technique. I have also taken reformer classes, again I recommend these classes.
  • I tried this a long time ago thru the community center. After reading this article, I have a feeling that the instructor was not one of the better ones. Maybe should try again?
  • Very informative, may try it sometime.
  • The person who wrote this article didn't do her research correctly. Go back and actually read the history of Joseph Pilates and what made him develope his protocol. I too am a "Master Pilates Instructor" and did my research before becoming certified. Read up, kiddo!
  • Pilates is expensive. I kept getting my neck hurt, craning up trying to see whether my form was proper by looking at the other students. But I had an inexperienced teacher. Back in the day, Moira Stott had a pretty good beginner mat work video. But I don't know if it was made available in DVD form. My dance instructor made us do a lot of Pilates exercises, though we didn't know that then. That was back when only dancers did Pilates.
  • I am 70-ish and have done Pilates for 3 years. It is amazing for helping me with balancing and making the most of my aging body. I smile when I think of how newbies come in thinking it will be something so easy. They get corrected right away and a lot of them don't return. But having a skilled instructor help you use proper form is vital. I love how my instructor corrects our form patiently and skillfully. I hope I can do this for a long, long time!

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