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How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks

Triggers & Treatments for Migraine Pain


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As a sufferer of migraines I have kept a journal my dr and I have narrowed mine down to lack of sleep so now on a daily meds for sleep and Repax for when a migraine comes on I have had fewer migraines definitely not a cure to be on meds all the time. Report
I found no useful information on how to stop a migraine. If you have migraines, you probably already know to take something for it and lie down in a dark room... Report
The title of this article is not what the article contains. You cannot stop a migraine already started by taking birth control or avoiding coffee... A more relevant title would be about helping manage your life to avoid triggers. Report
good article Report
This article has nothing innovative. Perhaps it is time to find writers who actually read peer review articles and write what they know. Report
I started getting migraines after my son was born. Before that I would get daily tension headaches. Now my headaches are less frequent but more severe. I have lots of triggers. Pms, not eating often enough, weather etc, but they don’t happen every time so can be unpredictable. Also my migraines tend to be through my entire body. Not just pain in my head. Usually it’s down my entire left side. Weirdly, sometimes I get all the other symptoms including the feeling of pressure and stiffness but no actual pain. My dr says that’s normal. The only otc drug that seems to work is excedrine migraine, but unfortunately it is not sold in Canada and the last few friends that have gone to the states have been unable to find it. I’m almost out 😢 Report
Thanks Report
thanks.... Report
This is great info and something to consider. Thank you. Report
When I do have the occasional migraine, I tie up my head with a scarf like Rambo. Rather tightly. The tightness seem to curb the throbbing pain. Just like how you would bind a sprained ankle to stop it from throbbing and swelling. Plenty of cool water and yes, just stay in a dark room and sleep. Report
How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks - To be honest, I felt deceived and tricked into reading the complete article by a title that falls way short of being truthful. Good information but far from a sure fire stopping in its tracks Report
I had chronic migraines for 5years. I could bare2 leave the house. What helped me was medical botox. I've been getting it for 2 years and the results are wonderful. I still get migraines but not nearly5often. Report
this article is very elementary. I've seen more information in almost any other, unfortunately. If you are new to migraines this information might be helpful. Sadly, every migraine sufferer that's had them for any length of time knows this much by now. OTC meds do nothing for my migraines. Neither do any prescribed migraine meds after three months. Preventives make my other conditions worse. What does sometimes help me is peppermint oil compresses, caffeine, and as last resort, my opioid pain reliever. When that doesn't work, I accept it and pray. Report
I've found that if I take Aleve when I start getting visual disturbances that it really reduces the amount of pain that I get with a migraine. Of course everyone is different, and nothing works for everyone, but this really works for me, and for my daughter. Report

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