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The Exercise-Headache Connection

How to Prevent Exercise-Related Headaches


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  • Great info and suggestions, Thanks!
  • Good suggestions
  • SHAHAI16
    I learned the hard way to not do my normal routine if I have a headache...I don't get them as frequently as I used to, but I get tension & sinus headaches, and migraines. Had a milder headache so did my normal routine, less than halfway in and my head was throbbing and I was nauseated and lightheaded. Had to stop completely and go lay down.
    I noticed that my headaches, while they coincide with exercise, are actually triggered by dehydration. Sometimes, they'll even stick around for a couple of days after a particularly strenuous workout if I don't get back on track with my water intake.
  • TISSUES001
    Thank you for this very informative article. As a sufferer of exercise-induced headaches, I think you've given a lot of good and useful tips. What was most useful for me was noticing which types of activities are more likely to cause a headache. When I was doing spinning a few years ago, I noticed that I always got headaches with certain instructors, and never with other instructors. It all had to do with the amount of warm-up. Some spin instructors jump right in and had us go to a "10" with only 5 minutes of warm up. The best spin instructors had us gradually work up to a "10" over the course of 20 minutes, so that the most intense spinning was during the middle of the work out, and gradually take it down.
  • My hubby always tell me to warm up and after my exercise. Sometimes I do but I forget sometimes. This is a great article.

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