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The Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love

How Positive Relationships Boost Wellness


    Love relationships can be very stressful--causing lack of motivation to exercise if partner is lazy. - 2/23/2015 9:06:35 PM
  • I been married for almost 42 years. Hmmmmm, where did the time go ? anyways, I also think this article is limited. - 2/14/2015 7:41:44 AM
  • John Gottman has written about the topic of connection in love relationships in Ehat Makes Love Last. His conclusions are supported by high quality research studies.

    Sue Johnson in Hold Me Tight shares what love relationships need to thrive and how to maintain and regain emotional connection. Her book also contains a lot of references to literature on psychology research studies and her conclusions are supported by it.

    Many marriages lose emotional connection and it becomes a disaster. Knowing and doing aren't the same thing.

    If your marriage is experiencing some trouble, professional help can be a wonderful thing even if it means that you move forward apart from your spouse. - 2/2/2015 9:20:15 PM
  • I believe that it is the way we are supposed to be. - 3/2/2014 6:42:33 AM
  • Fantastic article! Happy Valentine's Day!!
    - 2/14/2014 8:42:45 AM
  • The title of this article is misleading and its scope i limiting. It claims that love is good for you, but this article is all about why people should be married. Those are not the same thing! Love is much bigger than just romance. I'm happily single, but I still have love in my life through my friends, family and church family. - 2/13/2014 4:58:34 PM
  • I have been married for only 11 years and my hubby still brings me happiness. I think about my sister and a whole bunch of girls telling me (repeatedly) that it is because I am just a newlywed and that I would learn with time. Well, here is the news...

    First, I have a list of the things that I love about my hubby INSTEAD OF HIS FAULTS. I kept the letters that he wrote me when we were dating and reading them again keeps my love for him strong. He does wonderful things for me, so I try to make him as comfortable as possible. Now I have another love... a little girl who is sweet and affectionate.

    I can see why being in love can make your life better. If getting married took time off my life, it would be worth it. My time on the world is so much better since I have someone to share it with... actually two people. - 1/29/2014 9:02:46 AM
  • Much food for thought. - 9/28/2013 6:12:38 AM
  • Some really interesting info in there.
    Hubby and I have been through some iffy patches, but we've been able to keep working together and staying together. i thank God that we were both brought up in the tradition of working to make things work! And that it has all worked out for us.
    We met just over 42 years ago, September 1971, at university. Got engaged in April 74. Then married March 78.
    We weren't going to have children, but first son came along 1 May 1988. We neither of us wanted an only child if possible, so 2nd son arrived 1990, a few weeks after my 37th birthday.
    I had my 60th birthday 2 days ago (Friday), and hubby, both boys and older son's partner were all here for a meal last night. And it was my own choice to have the meal here rather than eating out.

    Yes, a lot of hard work, loads of biting the tongue, some major arguments - on both sides. But overall we've been OK, sometimes even happy, that we are still together and intend to remain so. - 9/22/2013 5:34:00 PM
  • Loss my husband two years ago, I fell very lonely but I do my best to stay active and keep in touch with my friends. - 9/21/2013 10:42:34 AM
    I disagree that committed, yet unmarried couples would receive the same benefits. If they were committed, they would be married! I also don't think those who aren't currently in a positive marriage should feel "doomed". Perhaps it could just be a goal to work for and something to look forward to. - 9/21/2013 9:33:34 AM
  • Great info. I love for someone to love me and I love them back. But I just love everyone even if they don't love me. That's me. - 9/8/2013 6:25:36 PM
  • I agree with SASSIISSAS that this is a very limiting article. I haven't been in a committed relationship for about 2 decades, and having gone through a divorce, know the downside of such relationships. I have plenty of friends and family to love, I am professionally employed with a good salary and benefits, and have no financial worries. Don't get me wrong, "if" the right person came along, I would consider such a relationship. I just don't see the point of "trying" to find a mate. I always said if God wanted me to re-marry, he would send someone my way. He hasn't, so single I will happily remain! - 7/24/2013 8:51:05 PM
  • "Although much of this research has looked at the effects of love on married couples, there is no reason to think that those in a positive and committed--yet unmarried--relationship wouldn’t enjoy these same benefits."

    Lol it is funny how these unions are always compared to married one. Must be b/c married ones are some how more significant. - 2/21/2013 11:22:47 PM
  • This blog just makes me very sad. Reciprocal love seems pretty much out of my reach. Loving and not being loved back is not good for your health. - 2/12/2013 8:42:05 PM

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