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The Truth About Juicing and Your Health

To Juice or Not to Juice;That is the Question


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  • Love is a friendship set to music.
    - Joseph Campbell
  • Interesting article - but part of the comparison chart was covered up with "Related Content" and "Sponsored Content". While I realize the importance of advertising to keeping the site free, it would be nice to be able to read the whole chart in order to use the information.
  • I prefer to chew my calories so avoid juice, but I do use juice in cooking.
  • Juice is to sweet to have enough of it.
  • There are healthy ways to cleanse using FOOD. Louise Ann Gittleman wrote a book "The Fat Flush Plan". I learned a lot from that book. I've only done it once a summer a few years ago. It really helps a person cut back on processed/refined carbs - white sugar (but also brown and artificial, she does allow a
    Stevia in a later phase), white fllour, and white salt. After phase 1 and maybe even phase 2, you slkwly reintroduce certain foods one at a time to find which ones you have trouble with (for example wheat allergies). It's not a juicing book.
  • Juice is something I have not acquired a taste for it is way too sweet.
    Very informative - not really a juicer
  • Several years ago, I bought a Breville juicer. Used it a few times but unhappy with the footprint it required, the arduous task of cleaning and loss of so much fiber. Switched to NutriBullet at less than half the cost and it solved all those problems. Extremely happy with it.
  • I bought a juicer and tried it for a while. It's in the pantry on top shelf...went back to my Vitamix...use it faithfully.
  • Good info, but a drink doesn't satisfy my mind that I've been fed
  • Six years ago, my DH and I bought a Vitamix. Best decision ever made health wise and an appliance I would not be without. I do not miss one day without making a Green drink .... full of antioxidants ... with fruits and vegetables. This process passes the long and lengthy process of digestion and energy and nutrients are absorbed very quickly. Our health and well being has improved greatly!
  • not into juicing....but good info to know
  • Good info and will think about what was said.
  • When I juice, my grocery bill decreases by $75-&100. I also have abundant energy when I juice. I give the "waste" to my chickens or put it in homemade bread. I don't mind the clean up, because I have the energy to do so. What I miss is the chewing of my food, so I only juice occasionally.

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