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Whittle Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet

5 Goal-Setting Tips for Fitness and Finances


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  • Thanks! Great info!
    Thank you for the tips.
    I enjoyed this article! I liked the for thought!
  • I wish one tank of gas was $40. My rent just increased, BC Hydro did another rate hike and groceries just went up again - which I think is now around 40% increase in one year. Yeah I will put finances with physical fitness - can't do it. Since that's not the message I want, I will continue to walk, no gym (we only have one and it's VERY EXPENSIVE), and as for my finances, I will hope that one day things will work out - as right now I can't breathe. I wonder how long I can hold my breath for.........hmmmm............
  • ROESBUD1019
    Great article. Puts exercise in a new light for me!
  • I, too, am doing a bit better financially than I am with eating. I could use help understanding how to follow the meal plans without wasting food. (I am alone, and the variety of foods needed to enjoy the meals seems very wasteful......maybe something like nutrisystem would work??)
  • I liked this article. Fitness and Finance goes hand in hand. Both need to be addressed and too often both get put on the back burner.
    I have an unique way to save extra. I shop at thrift stores, for every 20.00 I spend, save 5.00 for savings. For every pound I gain during a week, even if I lose it later that week, I match it dollar for pound. I also save a dollar for every day here on Spark. Plus the pounds I lost to reach goal in dollars. I was going to use to buy new clothes. No need. have plenty. Now I just save, maybe a cruise, or maybe add to my retirement fund.
    I exercise everyday. I pay into the fund if I miss a day or don't get in my steps.
  • I liked this article...thank you!
    Good advice to use.
  • This was right on target for me. I feel I manage my finances very well and I never thought of drawing a parallel to managing my fitness! I've made a sticky note to remind me to apply the financial skills to my fitness efforts.
    I like the comparisons, I want to save an extra $200 this month so I should compare it to cutting out an extra 200 calories from my diet or doing two extra workout than normal. I got these new DVD's called "The Firm" and I like the 20 minute workouts - I figure twice a day twenty minutes each and I've got it licked!
  • Good solid advice. There are things in life that are actually simpler than we make them out to be. I often jump on the scale and think, "How did I just gain 3 pounds?!" when I know that I haven't been tracking and I have been doing extra snacking. Things creep up on you.
  • 266266
    Spot on!! I never thought of it all that way ,but it makes good sense.

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