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How to Set and Reach SMART Goals

A Printable Goal-Setting Worksheet


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I have use this for goal setting and it works Report
The common dominator among most all successful people is that they set and pursue goals! Report
Thanks for the great ideas Report
Good article! Report
SMART goals is a theme which is common to all self-help and twelve step programs and a good milepost for life Report
Good article and good ideas. Report
Some great suggestions, will start implementing some of them. Report
Great ideas. Report
good ideas Report
These are all great tips. It's gaining the momentum to do them that is the challenge. Report
SMART Goals, the key to success Report
rum.php#.VWWVY89Vikp Report
Good article. Report
I printed this out and it looks like a really good tool to reteach me some new habits. I know in the past I have had the fear of being alone. At least with the overeating, I could comfort myself that I wasn't really such a loser. If I was too fat, it was a good excuse to cover up my failures. Mostly, people just overlooked me and I was content with that.
Why now to start again? Because I am done with my own personal fears. Food is not as good as a new friend and it will never take that place. So I redid my goals and made them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely to me. Thanks for this article. It really got me motivated. Report

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