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7 Hidden Signs of Overtraining

How to Know When to Lay Off the Exercise


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Very informative, thank you! Report
Great article! Report
good to know Report
Great information! Report
Good info - thanks Report
It helps to exercise with something you really like to do. It is not work if it makes you feel better. That is the true test.

If it hurts you or seems like work you should stop and search for something else that is more fun for you. Life is too short to put up with things you don't like. Particularly if it is on your own time. Report
Old post, but I have over trained before. Many times. Report
good to know. Report
This sounds like me! Report
Great information Report
It is good to read the signs, because I can go to the extreme sometimes. Report
I experience many of these the first week or two back from a long exercise layoff. Report
I can recall YEARS ago (actually it was the early 90's) taking karate and having to train at a different dojo as mine closed for the summer and having to do pushups with our feet elevated on a bench . I can still recall how my triceps felt the day after- not sure if I tore them BUT they were really sore. Report
One sign not mentioned - and one I would never have thought possible - is getting bruises on the outside of your body from over-working muscles. At least that is what I believe happened after I had to miss my weekly Pilates class for nearly 3 months and then went back. My abs/obliques were so sore for the next few days... but then I noticed I had large black and blue marks in that area near the bottom of my ribs on both sides. Has anyone else ever experience this? Report
This article is just what I needed this morning as I drug myself out of bed. I felt guilty because I just couldn't summon enough energy to take my morning walk. Now I know my body is telling me I need a break so I don't have any reason to feel guilty. I can get back to it when my body feels energy again. Sometimes I have a tendency to just keep pushing my body even though it says no. Report

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