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7 Hidden Signs of Overtraining

How to Know When to Lay Off the Exercise


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  • Old post, but I have over trained before. Many times.
  • This sounds like me!
  • Great information
  • It is good to read the signs, because I can go to the extreme sometimes.
  • I experience many of these the first week or two back from a long exercise layoff.
  • I can recall YEARS ago (actually it was the early 90's) taking karate and having to train at a different dojo as mine closed for the summer and having to do pushups with our feet elevated on a bench . I can still recall how my triceps felt the day after- not sure if I tore them BUT they were really sore.
    One sign not mentioned - and one I would never have thought possible - is getting bruises on the outside of your body from over-working muscles. At least that is what I believe happened after I had to miss my weekly Pilates class for nearly 3 months and then went back. My abs/obliques were so sore for the next few days... but then I noticed I had large black and blue marks in that area near the bottom of my ribs on both sides. Has anyone else ever experience this?
  • This article is just what I needed this morning as I drug myself out of bed. I felt guilty because I just couldn't summon enough energy to take my morning walk. Now I know my body is telling me I need a break so I don't have any reason to feel guilty. I can get back to it when my body feels energy again. Sometimes I have a tendency to just keep pushing my body even though it says no.
  • I've noticed when I have overtrained, I feel listless. I discovered an app for the iPhone that tracks heart rate variability and makes a recommendation on whether the user should consider reducing training load that day.

    Each morning, I use the app to take a measurement. After 4 days, a baseline is calculated. The baseline adjusts with additional measurements.

    I am just a user, not affiliated with the folks who own the app. If you're looking for help, the app is HRV4Training. I don't understand the science behind it. I can say that the days I feel weary, the app usually suggests a lighter workout or rest day.

    The app could be handy for those who are data junkies.
  • that why my legs were super heavy on the track. They just had ENOUGH! I better take a rest. Whoaa
  • thanks for the article ill take today off. see if that will help
    Hey Jennipher, we love this article! We just wrote a similar one on overtraining and would love if you checked it out. You can find the article here:
    Yeah, I know all about this, just finished a workout that wouldn't normally be that hard and left the gym totally deflated and wanting to go to bed! Time to take a week off training I think.
    Great article. The last 2 months I have had trouble getting motivated to workout, but I made myself do it. About half hour after finishing, I'd feel exhausted, yet couldn't sleep.
    I also found it wasn't helping with stress and I was short fused. I thought it was just summer holiday stress & weight gain.
    A few days ago, my body just gave up and my sciatica got inflammed and now I'm probably unable to workout for the next month. I am usually good at listening to my body and what it needs, but I ignored the signs this time and am now paying for it.

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