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55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Spice Up Your Snacktime with These Ideas



1/9/2013 11:00:12 PM

O2BLIKHIM's SparkPage
I am not sure I would consider most of those snacks exactly totally healthy


1/9/2013 10:41:30 PM

I can't even see a list to WANT to print! I've clicked on everything to no avail!


1/9/2013 5:46:46 PM

Print Friendly...Friends look to the left where the bubble says share this article, look down the list where it says print and print away, comes out great!


1/9/2013 2:46:21 PM

JOYOUS101's SparkPage
You can always do a copy (ctl c) open a word document page and paste (ctl v) - you then can manipulate the verbiage as you desire and save and/or print.


1/9/2013 2:41:17 PM

JOYOUS101's SparkPage
One BIG note: Any dried fruits ARE NOT diabetic friendly - - they have w a y to much sugar content once dried!!! Just sayin'


1/9/2013 12:41:07 PM

WINKIE456's SparkPage
Love the list but I can't print it.


1/9/2013 9:44:13 AM

JME419's SparkPage
I love this list and how it's broken down into groups. Would love to be able to print it out.


1/8/2013 11:59:01 PM

SAKS20111's SparkPage
sounds great!


1/8/2013 9:55:07 PM

It did let me save it to my desktop. I will try to print from there later.


1/8/2013 8:37:09 PM

LATISHAM8104's SparkPage
I want to save this in my favorites and I don't see a way to do so.


1/8/2013 3:41:07 PM

Today is Tuesday, Jan. 8th.. Still can't print this great list. I, too, want to post it on my fridge. Please have Sparkpeople tech person fix this! Thanks!


1/8/2013 2:52:35 PM

BONNIEK123's SparkPage
only 1 - 16 print. other pages are terrible. cannot read them.


1/8/2013 1:44:39 PM

Just a suggestion to obtain a printable copy of the 55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories article. I used my Snagit software to "snag" a copy that I saved as a PDF document. That way I can print or send via email to people I know. Snagit software is very affordable and can be purchased most anywhere. Just a suggestion:-) Good luck!

Here's a link to it:


1/8/2013 1:27:56 PM

Thank you for making this article printable. Great resource!


1/8/2013 1:11:31 PM

Hi SparkPeople,
We've updated the print page so that the image will print in it's entirety. It still goes multiple pages because it is a long image. Hopefully this helps!

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