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55 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

Spice Up Your Snacktime with These Ideas


    Please fix so we can print. Good ideas but not useful if we cannot print - 1/8/2013 12:30:29 PM
    Would love to print too! - 1/8/2013 12:24:30 PM
  • EDNAMAE251
    Thanks for the Tip Myshare 1020 - it worked :) - 1/8/2013 12:18:03 PM
  • MONAL76601
    lease make it possible to print - 1/8/2013 11:36:57 AM
  • wanted to print out and post in kitchen - couldn't select or print -
    please make this available to print - it would really help - 1/8/2013 11:15:01 AM
    wasted paper and ink trying to print. what good is it if you can't print it.
    - 1/8/2013 11:04:41 AM
  • MYSHARE120
    I printed this entire thing by first starting at the title "55 Healthy Snacks" and holding down the left mouse button and dragging to the bottom of the list. Then hit "ctrl and P" on your keyboard and tell you printer to print "selection". Worked great. It prints in three pages but it is all there. - 1/8/2013 10:25:03 AM
    Same with me, i can't print this either.... it only prints the first page and cuts out all the rest. Please fix this, it looks like a great list to have!
    Thank you for doing this, - 1/8/2013 10:19:01 AM
  • WOW Great ideas! Some seems really fancy yet simple and affordable! We make efforts in our meals, why not make our snacks a little special too! - 1/8/2013 9:22:31 AM
  • Loved this. Sometimes I forget what great ideas are out there that don't have a ton of calories. I always think "all or nothing"... So many of these are my go to, but just pieces of them, not in total... Thanks for posting! - 1/8/2013 8:58:56 AM
  • Low fat and fat free foods have a lot of unnatural additives to makeup for the loss of fat and flavor. It would be best to use the full fat version, at least your body will be able to process it. Thats what I was taught during my Holistic Nutrition training. Otherwise great list:) - 1/8/2013 8:41:25 AM
  • MAGPIE1295
    I clicked on the list itself and then saved it as an image/picture. (I have an iPad) Then I was able to email just that image to myself. I haven't tried to print that emailed image, though. Maybe this helps? - 1/8/2013 8:36:10 AM
  • MEMAW67
    Iam having the same problem as Debbie has getting this print could you please help thanks Carolyn - 1/8/2013 8:30:10 AM
    same thing here. Can't print the whole list or even email it to mysalf. Keep getting the pop up ad that won't go away! - 1/8/2013 8:27:47 AM
  • FROSTY73
    Same thing happened to me when I hit the "print" button. It shows the full image, but prints only the first page. - 1/8/2013 8:26:33 AM

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