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Garlic: The Big Flavor with Benefits

Behind Garlic's Bold Taste is a Healthy Nutritional Profile


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  • We LOVE garlic! Broccoli aglio olio...yum!

    Had shrimp scampi tonight...
  • And don't forget - Garlic keeps vampires away :D Always a healthy thing.

    Okay - just teasing - but I use garlic in almost every meal. We eat a lot of tofu dishes and garlic is essential to give it flavor.
  • I take garlic tablets now and then because of their health benefits, I cannot take them for too long or I start smelling. (laughing) We love sauteing garlic with veggies for a stir fry.
  • great article! i roast 4-6 lg heads of garlic per month at a time, store in fridge to use in cooking as needed. olive oil and crushed red pepper flakes or rosemary in a foil covered shallow pan. 200c for 45 min.
    i use it in almost everything. love it!!! i serve it as a spread for fresh baked bread instead of butter with an italian meal and my family goes crazy for it.
  • I cannot eat garlic either. So whether its good for me or not is (unfortunately) NOT relevant. Still an interesting article.
  • In regards to discarding sprouting garlic.... I just stick it in the garden. Some grows, and probably some doesn't. We have garlic growing in little corners everywhere around the house. When the blossoms start to dry out, dig them out, let them dry slightly outside (I leave 3 -6 days), cut the stalk and store. We haven't purchased garlic for years.

    When you pull the garlic out of the soil, little hard "bulbets" stay in the soil and grow into new plants. Easy, peasey.
  • We love and use garlic in most of our food. Depending on what it goes in, I either use a garlic press or crush the cloves with the flat side of my chefs knife and then roughly chop it.
  • GARLIC RULES! It took me along time for me to embrace garlic & onions. Thank you SP!
  • I love garlic. It goes into almost all my food. I have to buy a garlic press though and see if I can find some good fresh garlic to cook with. My spices are almost gone and I am going to try and use the real fresh stuff instead.
  • it only takes 20-30 minutes to roast a whole bulb of garlic. the cloves then can be mashed up and added to dishes or eaten on toast and the flavour is excellent and possibley more tolerable for some.
    "Allioli" (not aioli) is a Spanish recipe from Catalonia. It's name comes from the ingredients: All-i-oli "All" means "garlic", "i" means "and" and "oli" means "oil"
  • I do love garlic and add it to a number of dishes I make. So glad my son likes it to since I always add lots.
    If I eat garlic I will be up all night with acute indigestion. Garlic isn't healthy for me. Even medication doesn't help.

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