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30 Days & 30 Ways to Stay on Track

A Tip of the Day Calendar for Any Month


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    When I click, all I get is a low res jpeg. How do I get the pdf version?

    Thanks! - 1/5/2015 3:39:39 PM
  • Freekin coolz! Now I have a calender AND great advice! - 1/1/2013 4:33:14 AM
  • DINGER59
    Thank you for this! - 11/30/2012 7:43:51 AM
  • I really like these calendars. They are good reminders! Thank you! - 11/27/2012 10:49:25 AM
  • Haven't logged in for a while. Between work and school never enough hours in the day. I have been doing most of these things, but you have thought of a few new ones. Thanks. This is getting posted on my office door with my list of healthy vegetables and fruits by month. My patients and associates love these tips. Thanks you guys! - 11/27/2012 8:46:11 AM
  • Some very good ideas, many we have heard before...but we forget in our very busy lives. This should really help! Thank you! - 11/16/2012 3:40:46 PM
  • BRENDA68025
    if you click on the calendar it will print out - 11/16/2012 11:22:00 AM
    Can you create a seperate URL for the calendar. I woulod really love to print it out. Thank you. - 11/16/2012 8:13:32 AM
  • Its been hard for me to get back on track but now I am motivated to hit the track this morning get about 4 to 6 miles in and head to water arobics....yeah me - 11/15/2012 7:40:07 AM
    This should really motivate me. I'm going to pin it up so I can see it every day. - 11/7/2012 12:53:04 AM

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