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Why Women Don't Lift Weights--But Should

Strength Training is a Must for Both Sexes


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  • I don't lift weights because it's my least favorite exercise. I WISH i enjoyed it, but each minute feels like 10. Maybe someday it will "click" and i'll enjoy it. In the meantime, I'll do bodyweight exercises. I completely get how beneficial it is, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Yet.
  • Great exercise for people in a wheelchair, like me.
    For pete's sakes, you don't have to go to a gym, buy some free weights and do simple lifts at home. Your arms will look better just doing that... Keep it simple. This article is from 2012, times have changed. Average folk don't have time to deal with trainers and the like.
  • I usually strength train 2-3 times a week. However, it seems like the last month or so, i've not had that kind of time.
  • I try to fit some in every day
  • Big fan of strength trsinibg.
  • Y'know, I read an interview once with Ronda Rousey where she said she used to be self-conscious about how big her arms are, even though you'd never mistake her body shape for a man's. I think this is just a cultural thing about what female body type you're seeking. Some of us do bulk up a bit - not like men do - but enough to make our sleeves and pants fit more tightly. Maybe it's 'cause I'm black and the images I've grown up seeing on Essence covers aren't the willowy bodies on Cosmo, but I'd much prefer an athlete's body to a model's, personally. There is osteoporosis in my family, so lifting heavy now is the thing that's going to keep me healthy and independent when I'm elderly - jeans size be damned, I'm strength training!
  • I am also tired of those who say they would look like a man by lifting weights. Unless you are working with a trainer about 8 hours a day, working individual muscles, not going to happen. Why to people even think that???? I have been lifting weights 3 times a week, an hour at a time for about 6 years now, and there is no way I have anywhere near the muscles of a muscle builder. Now I am stronger, feel better and don't have the "flab" look like I did 6 years ago.
  • I have to agree with ZIGWEEGWEE, my legs and arms get bigger and my clothes get tighter after doing strength workouts for several weeks. My daughter has my husband's stocky build and is big boned and has huge muscles. She outmuscles most of the guys her age.
    So I think these articles should be more sensitive to natural muscular bodies and suggest how we should best workout too.
  • Thank you - I do struggle with strength training and the more I read and learn the better I can apply the knowledge, not to mention the motivation. Give me aerobic exercise any day, but not the DVD kind! I love a great workout on my treadmil - that's my favourite!
  • I would much rather do strength training than cardio any day.I can easily spend 45min-1 hour and be perfectly happy but 20-30 minutes of cardio will drive me crazy.

    Plus I figure I walked around with big fat body parts for years, might as well walk around with big muscley ones instead ;-)
  • I hate to debunk your debunkage, but my muscles bulk up when I exercise. I like to walk and it noticeably bulks up my calves. If the weather's bad for an extended period and I stop walking, I get frequent comments on how much thinner my legs look. It's depressing. I also never show my somewhat toned upper arms because they embarrass me. They're not huge and lumpy like a man's. They're just big and I hate them. Just posting this to let other women who have this problem know that this article isn't entirely correct and they're not alone.
  • Good information. Thanks for sharing.
    Great I love working out using weights good article Coral
  • I love working with weights and the resulting toning but to say one does not bulk up is simply not true. in spite of weight loss I have had to increase my shirt size to allow movement of my arms as everything is now tight in th armhole. That is not the result I was aiming for.....

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