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50 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Torch Your Way to the Top with These Activities


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  • You can also do basic self defense moves at high intensity and burn a lot of calories in very little time. These can be done with no special equipment and take very little space, when they're done right they typically employ all or most muscles at least to some extent, especially the midsection, and you get the added benefit that in addition to better fitness you also improve your ability to defend yourself. They are a good way to add variety to whatever else you're doing.
  • Not a very useful article if you don't weigh anywhere near 150 pounds. If I weighed that little, I wouldn't even be on this site unless I had come on heavier and was now in maintenance mode.
  • good exercises today, cleaned PART of my closet, worked for over an hour in it. Cleaning out my clothes that are now much too big. Will alter some that I really like. Thank God for Sparks
  • Jib, Sorry to hear about your osteo, I have it in the hip. HAd my knee operated on in January.I HAd to lose 70 pounds before operation. I went to physical therapy to learn what exercises to do to help. While sitting watching TV just moving your legs up and down helps. I am surprised your Doctor hasn't recomended PT . In the meantime I will pray for you. God's Blessings to you, Barbara
    I suffer from limited mobility with osteoporosis in both knees, spine and rigth shoulder. I am unable to do stairs or even walk in the grocery store for more than 5 minutes without help. However, my doctor told me to lose 100 lbs before he will give me knew knees. Further, i have not worked for 3 yrs and do not qualify for disability. I live in Canada.
  • SANDY51464
    some of the are wrong i have an elliptical and it only burns 80 calories in 15 minutes and thats pushing it and as for sweeping or mopping the floor noone takes that long so be more true with your facts not all true
    It's always been "100" this and that in the world of "diet", just a point of reference, not an absolute. Just like headlines about weight loss, some one who lost 96 lbs. will be rounded off to 100, or 47 lbs will be 50, etc. looks better. If you need to lose 7, you say 10. One time I lost 67 lbs. and "prevention" did an article on me, but insisted on saying "70",,,,,,,,,
  • If you're a beginnier or have any kind of high blood pressure or health concerns, please check Spark's "Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity". The info is far safer than the numbers given. 80%? No thanks.
    If only you really could do some exercises, right to the minute, in order to lose a certain amount of weight, life would be a breeze, but the body does not work that way. Why is it always "100" calories? We are not machines that can be programmed.
  • Playing drums through a 90 minute set , fun workout
    I am grateful for this site.Because it shows me a specific way to burn more calories.
    the only problem with these estimates, is that they are just that, estimates. Every body burns calories differently.
    a lot of the things listed surprised me for the time it took. I walk 4x's a week at lunch and do water aerobics 3 most on the list is a no no for me
  • It took a minute to realize why walking with a dog requires 6 more minutes to burn the same amount of calories as walking alone...then I figured it out.
    I was surprised for some of the times listed especially house work

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