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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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    Interesting measurements, good guide when we have to eat in restaurants or social events, actually is a little portion, my concern is that checking the ingredients from Spark recipes I can see any control of that, I can see how it comes with a lot oil, flour etc., if I am counting calories in one meal for instance it is over passing . Personally I have to subtract many ingredients of them lest tasty but worthy for me
  • 2 dice size of cheese is a tease
  • Good guidelines to help keep portions under control!
    Is this portions per each item listed, for one whole meal?
  • I think the article is great, I agree with the "Hockey Puck" comment though (and I'm Canadian??) but once you have weighed etc. find your own reference, It's an excellent guideline.
  • WIDGET65
    Definitely need visual guides such as these.
  • Great article. I need this. It came in right at time for I am not getting the exercise that I need. My hip really getting me.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! My only suggestion/question is that I don't know what a "hockey puck" worth of juice is supposed to mean. But it's okay, as I don't really tend to drink fruit juice much anyhow.

    Does anyone know how I can get my profile image on my comments? If so e-mail me at Thank you
    This is good because it will help me watch my portions. Thank you SPARKGUY
  • i agree with the hand measurement i i scooped a hand full of almonds once and then counted used my scale and they were exactly one ounce
  • Well this was VERY helpful to me, and thanks
  • weogh and measure weigh and measure weigh and measure..and carry the stuff with you ..i have a collapsible cup and stuff i carry in a little bag..weigh and measure!!
    the lady mary
  • Interesting measurements. It's handy to have some real-life comparisons for the suggested portions. Personally, I prefer my scale and measuring utensils. Of course, those don't work if I'm eating out! Once I've measured something, I put it in a familiar container (I get restaurant-service disposables) so I have a future reference.

    I'm not convinced of some of the portions listed here, though. A "deck of cards" of ground beef is NOTHING like the same (weight) portion as a dense piece of steak. I'm not sure I could get through a piece of my favorite flank steak of that size!

    And it's chancy to lump "breads" together: I favor a brand which lists a much smaller portion on their label. One "serving" per their calculations is 3 slices! And those 3 slices are less nutritionally "costly" than ONE slice of typical bread. Not that I eat much bread in any case.

    And, for whoever it was who was concerned with the whipped topping...I understand the variance you're making...but even so, for the nutritional density of the stuff, you could pretty much sit and eat it by tablespoonsfuls out of the container! It's not especially "costly", really.

    I still think the gold standard is the labeling and your own measuring tools. If you have to "wing it" in restaurants or social venues, this is a quick-and-dirty guide...but I wouldn't rely on it on a day-to-day basis. And I absolutely would *not* be eating the daily servings listed! (who dreamed those up, anyway!?!)
    I really enjoyed this article.

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