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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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  • I really like this site overall, in spite of the fact that I have actually gained weight rather than lost it....I believe it is because I am not doing the usual walk/jog 1-1/2 to 2 hrs a day I used to. And the portion sizes? Feel they are way too small, 'cause if they're correct, then I eat enough salad w/oil&vinegar to last a week in one setting!
  • I just saved this in my fav's in order to easily refer back to it. It is most helpful as my serving sizes have been way off. THANKS SP!!
    Since I have a small kitchen scale and a good set of measuring spoons and cups I just measure out the portion. After a while you get to know by sight what a 1/4 cup or a tablespoon is. I have lost 25 pounds and portion control is a major part of that. I do not always measure my fresh fruit or veggie servings because I feel that those are much more healthy calories, so I eat the whole orange, pear or apple. I don't really like the comparisons for the size of a portion, I would much rather use the measuring cups and spoons.
  • JCF513
    This is helpful to remind us that portion sizes are important. But I think the one thing that it doesn't take into account is that sometimes we are going to be hungrier than others. Where does listening to our body come into play? I know I am overweight because I overeat. If I didn't, then I wouldn't be overweight, but I also think it has a lot to do with being out of touch with what my body needs. I don't think this article is getting any closer to that, but rather telling us to substitute our addition with arbitrary portion sizes.
  • I switched over to this website from the Shape plan because it seemed a little more comprehensive and user friendly. The only way I've found this site lacking is that it doesn't use weight measurements for serving sizes nearly enough. I agree with the two users that commented before me. I'm not comparing anything to a hockey puck - tell me the weight of a serving and I'll measure it on my scale.
  • I agree with Ladyto7 - using hockey pucks and baseballs as a comporable visual for liquid measurement is a challenge.
  • LADYT07
    I would like to see more realistic portion comparison type foods. The comparisons of cheese to a pair dice, milk to a baseball or juice to a hockey puck is not realistic to me.
  • As I read this article.. I'm thinking I already to do this. By then again... not always. I will commit to measuring my foods, especially mayonaisse. Like the article said it's less than you think :). I am committed to my weight loss and new healthy lifestyle.
  • For me the problem with portion control is that I am afraid I will be hungry. The penny has finally dropped that the problem is not portion control but the fear of being hungry. How do you cope with that?
  • My sister - a doctor - told. me once that she has many patients who would suffer malnutrition if they ate little enough to lose weight. She says exercise reduces appetite.... But you may just have to bite the bullet here.... I am doing - and it gets easier. Years of overeating stretches the stomach so that we feel hungry when we shouldn't.
  • How are these portions sizes supposed to help when they're TINY? It was pointed out to me that my dinner was too big according to this chart, but I'm not an over-eater and half of my dinner would have left me STARVING. I'm at a loss as how to not be hungry yet lose weight. And veggies are not the answer, I eat as many as I can stand. This just annoys me.
    Decieving ourselves about overeating by using healthy foods! Yep you hit the nail on the head with this article. Thankfully your test showed me as one of these types, and you sent me the link based on that info. I love how you customize the care for your members! Thanks Spark People for alllll you do. I am printing the portion references for my desk, fridge, purse, and cupboard. Can't be reminded too much for this type of challenge to correct.
  • So glad a spark member showed me this article. I was searching and searching on the site and could not find any info. It is now a favorite!
  • I pointed out to my boyfriend yesterday at lunch that his Arizona Iced Tea was 2 servings. He never noticed before. I think serving sizes are the main reason I wasn't losing weight at first. The hardest part for me right now is being careful of cooking oil. I primarily use olive oil, but never measured it before. The Sparkpeople nutrition tracker helped me discover how much extra oil (and fat) I had in my diet. Great article!!
    This is so helpful - even though I "think" I know portion control sizes - it helps to have a visual reminder like this.

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