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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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  • GGG1012
    the billiard ball is a pool is about a inch and three quarters round.A little smaller then a baseball...
  • GGG1012
    does being under or around your calories make a big difference or do all together make the difference,like fat, carbs,and protien.
  • YONKA103
    Not a bad idea of this chart.

    But it didn't stop me lastnight from having 20pcs of california sushi rolls. WOW!!! I know ''you had how many..????'' I did feel guilty for eating that many...sometimes the visual is good but the mental training to reduce portions is way harder.
  • KIKA1374
    How about will make more sense, I cant figure out what a dilliard ball size is!
  • I, too, wish Nutrition Tracker would listthe number of servings consumed from each food group so we can see how well we met the recommended daily servings.
  • Just written this out,the printer's on the blink,story of my life! Think it will be really helpful,I will keep it in my kitchen
  • CMJ0919
    I wish that the nutrition trcker would categorize and display by food group (fruits/vegetables, meat, etc.) rather than just carbs, protein and fat.

  • I just printed this out and it's going on the fridge! Very useful information. I understand those who commented on wanting grams information but, for me, I consider this one of the many tools in my tool box. They all complement each other and some of us will find certain tools more helpful. For me, when 'eye-balling' doesn't seem like enough, I resort to weighing the food for reassurance.

  • Thank you for this very useful article. I will be refering to it time and time again.
  • I am not a visual person and to me a billiard ball can be as big as a softball ball... What about grams and kilos... also, I usually measure my pasta before I cook it and not after, so having in the nutrition tracker the values before cooking would be helpful!
  • When I copy an article, I select the text with the cursor, right click on the mouse to copy it, then past it into a Word document. That leaves the charts as is and they print out fine. I use Word 2003--Word 2007 might work differently.
  • Great article BUT I wish they had put the chart into a printable format. I wanted a printed copy and so I copied and pasted it into a page where I could print it. RATS! The format didn't work at all and it wasn't in the form of a chart. Too hard to make sense of it so I had to give up. That's my only criticism.......otherwise, great article. Thanks.
  • I think what really matters is knowing how you want to "spend" your calories that day and planning out meals. I know that I would not be satisfied with 1/2 a cup of pasta so I plan to have a full cup, and I am satisfied with that full cup. That might mean chopping out my fat free popcorn later, but it is a worthy switch to me. I have been losing weight just by following the serving size on the box and sticking to the calorie range given to me by sparkpeople.
  • This is an awesome guide, thank you! I can use the serving sizes even in home-made recipes (soups, casseroles, etc.) and just divide them out equally to get the "per serving" info I need. Thanks again!
  • My question is how do you measure a mixed dish? Example : Chicken Chili (what I am fixing for dinner tonight) How do I know how much of this would be considered a serving since it will contain chicken, northern beans and salsa.

    Any advise ?

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