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The Portion Distortion Guide

A List of Serving Sizes


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  • I agree with alot of the is very hard to visualize some of these items.
  • DSM1980
    I find "dice" a confusing measurement. I have dice that are a little over 0,5cm in length, and other that are more than 1,5cm in length @_@
    (I usually think of matchboxes when measuring cheese, and the upper half of my thumb when measuring tablespoons)
    As for using a puck for liquids... I've never even watched a hockey match (totally obscure sport where I live), much less know what size a puck is ~|~
    Same goes for golf balls, but I'm letting that slide because there are actually some golf courses in my country ...somewhere.
    I think this article could have been much more helpful if it used references that are familiar to as many people as possible.
  • I'm not so fond of the comparisons either...not cause I can't visualize a baseball but because I can't visualize something a completely different shape or consistency into a baseball or hockey puck. The only visualization that has ever been helpful is one oz of cheese is the size of a domino...and thats only because cheese is naturally in the shape of dominos and just needs to be cut into the right thickness. Hmmm, I think I'll stick with measuring.
  • I am still confused about casseroles. If you have a cup or half cup of chicken and rice, how many sides do you have. Does the rice count as a side is there enough chicken? This is my only gripe and spaghetti? Noodles tomato sauce and hamburger. Is this a serving of each? I just put a salad with it but it is difficult to know what is correct here.
  • I have a wonderful food scale so actual weight and sizes is much better than hockey pucks. As for the metric system comment, at least in America all of my measuring tools have both standard and metric on them. We are getting used to both systems on this side of the pond now that metric is so popular here in the USA, good luck to you and everyone!
    You know, I have NO clue how big a hockey puck is. I haven't played baseball since I was 9 so the concept of what size that ball is IS A LOT BIGGER than it prob really is. Dice? Which board game should I pull them out of to judge the size? Tennis? I HATE Tennis. Again I haven't played it since I was 9. Now if you tell me that it is the same size as a 2" weight lifting plate's hole in the center? I could chop that right up. Same with half a CD Rom or an IPOD Shuffle. I keep thinking they really need to redo these guideline examples for size. I have a very hard time visualizing some of them and Standard size for many of those items? I have NO clue.
    I truly think that this is a wonderful tool, just very hard to use for non-americans, because we in Germany don't have cups and ounces. I think for me grams and mL would be easier.
    THANKS anyway!
  • This will be SUPER helpful when eating out!!! I can guesstimate the serving based on size and wrap the rest.
  • This will be SUPER helpful when eating out!!! I can guesstimate the serving based on size and wrap the rest.
  • i think i will stick with measuring and weighing because i don't know how big a billiard ball is or how to pour 1 hockey puck of juice
    totally agree with the measurments...
  • Very sports-centric. I prefer to weigh and measure whenever possible.
  • I agree with the previous post about the palm of you're hand, especially for a piece of steak about the size of you're palm.
    Pretty much what I've learned is to never eat anything with a portion size bigger than your palm or fist. Keep it little. What can fit in the your palm is usually 3 -4 oz or a 1/2 cup from what someone told me.
    I'd prefer a list with the foods' recommended weight in grammes or at least ounces, so I can convert them. I'm from Central Europe, we don't measure in cups or base balls...actually, I'm not into sports and base ball isn't popular here, so I have no idea how big it is and what's the difference to a billiard ball? And as somebody said, you can always cheat a little with cups etc. (just stuff it!), but you can't cheat with we all know to well.

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