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5 Secrets of Naturally Thin People

What You Can Learn From Their Best Habits


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    I could not disagree with this article more.
    Pure rubbish designed to get people to lure people to the site.
    I want to tell you all right now, there is no secret to being "skinny".
    I am naturally very slim and can eat as much garbage as I want with no wight gain and I do not exercise or give little care to my diet.
    I dont go to sleep until late, I stress, I drink 2 cans of energy drinks a day, I snack constantly between meals and basically go against everything in this lousy article.
    Its as sensible as writing "people who are smart all do these 5 things".
    We are all different and unique.
    If you consider yourself overweight, do what you can. Try hard but know that even if you are naturally inclined to gain weight, you may very well have a strong and effortless area of benefit elsewhere.
    There is more to life than being thin and thin no more equals happy than rich or beautiful equals happy.
    Theres no short supply of thin, rich and depressed people thats for sure.
    Some of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen would be media labeled as "overweight".
    To you readers, take heart and do what you can while keeping it real.
    To the writer of this article, get your facts straight, grow up and f*ck off.
  • I was always frustrated with 'naturally thin' (term is used loosely) people, until I lost most of my weight. I observed thin people and what they did or didn't do. One of my discoveries was that they were just simply more balanced.

    I am compulsive and do everything in extreme measures--including eating. I discovered my flaw in this aspect and am still struggling with my negative compulsiveness, only now I try to channel my compulsive tendencies into a better, healthy lifestyle.
  • KP90210
    I understand why people are angry. i know we can all change our habits, it's not all up to genes, but the term "naturally thin" in this type of article does annoy me, just like it does sassisprings. I have been overweight my whole life. everybody in my family is fat. We are not all huge people ,but we do come in our own shapes and sizes. if i were to be "naturally thin" trust me, i've tried. I wouldn't last long lol. I think this is great advice, but please don't use the term naturally thin people. they don't have to lose weight so they don't need to dish out advice. just say, here are some tips from healthy weight people, or something like that. :)
  • You can't bash these until you try. For years I was enabled by the "it's mostly genetics" argument, thinking that I was overweight because my parents were. Turns out we were all just living unhealthy lifestyles, and after taking advice like this to heart, I've discovered a completely different body type lying beneath my extra pounds.
  • These are all great habits, but let's be real, genetics play a big role. That is why those of us without these "lucky genes" have to make a point to follow healthy habits and make a healthy weight a priority in our lives. Not an excuse, a realization that can empower us against the marketing hype surrounding diet and exercise in the world we live in.
  • My boyfriend is a 29 inch waist - 135 pounds. I was jealous that he ate what he wanted without issue but recently I noticed that he eats a ton when he eats but rarely eats because is he is up doing something. I am not saying starving is healthy but it put a different perspective on it. He may only be eating 2,000 calories, he just does it all at once!
  • I was like this for years when younger but I had a very active job. It was when I left it that I started to put on weight.

    I was 9stn 8lbs at 27 and by the time I was 60+ near 14 stone when I started this. Now back to a healthy 10 stone +

    Certain people in our lives are naturally thin, because that's just the way they are, and us trying to be like that really ain't in the cards. We have to nag and force ourselves to do those things, nothing "natural" about it. No different than the same old dieting strategy. Just easier to read about it than actually do it for ever and ever. That is the majority of weight issue people's problem. There must be a better solution, but it won't come forth until maybe another 30 yrs. of study.
  • The eating only when hungry thing works for me in the sense that I'm losing weight that way (and maintained fairly low weights that way in the past). I don't count calories or carbs or anything like that. I DO like to move also and am a natural fidgeter. It bothers my legs to sit still for to long these days too.
  • I have two naturally thin people as friends and coworkers. One eats oatmeal, pop tarts and general foods intl coffee chai tea for breakfast. The other will have a sandwich, chips, fruit and a soda for lunch. There is no way I could do the same and be thin. But that being said, I found I COULD address my emotional eating and cravings, so I don't always have a compulsion to eat pasta and other starchy foods all the time to comfort myself. Once I took a look at the emotions that were causing me to eat too much of the wrong foods, I was able to finally lose weight. Over 50 lbs in fact. Plus, once I released all the negative emotions, the rest of my life got better too. I think permanent weight loss starts from the inside out. It's all about the mindset that causes you to care more about yourself and your body than about food.
  • I have known several naturally thin people - truly NATURALLY thin - and none of them did most of these things. They ate what they wanted, when they wanted, in the amount they wanted and it wasn't all healthy foods either. all but a couple of them were couch potatoes.

    My hubby stayed thin until his mid 50's and still isn't all that much too heavy and he still doesn't do any of this stuff.

    We have a close friend who couldn't get her weight over 99lbs until her mid 40's and is still not much over what she actually should weigh. She didn't do all this stuff either except the 5 fruits and veggies aspect of it.

    Sorry folks - some people are "naturally thin" only because they do all these things but there are many who simply stay thin most or all of their lives . . .

    Just like there are those who are overweight and can never seem to lose it all because they are "naturally heavy".
  • As you can see by reading the content of this article, "naturally thin" people hardly exist, with the exception of those with an unusually fast metabolism. They work at staying trim!!! I have incorporated all of these tips for the last 30 years and remain the same weight I was in high school. Hey! They work, but I had to work at it to get it to come easily!
    Eating three meals a day (not two meals and not four meals -- exactly three meals per day), counting calories, and having zero snacks (i.e. no snacks -- when you crave a snack, have a drink of water instead) is the naturally thin person's secret. So in between meals, find something else to do. But you and your brain know you are not going to starve.
    I don't think anyone should negate what works for them in maintaining weight. Having fears about anything will ultimately lead to an unhealthy body. Sensibility is the key word. The scale is such a "little guy" but stronger than one thinks...don't be afraid to jump on it after your morning shower. Remembering that it is just a reminder is where "sensibility" factors in. "naturally thin"???? Don't be fooled.... most often it is naturally unhealthy! Unless plagued by disease, we are what we eat. Proper nutrition and caloric intact along with daily moderate exercise (movement) is still the sensible approach that make us successful in maintaing good health, weight, and mental stability.

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