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Smarter Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Simple Tips for Mastering Your Sugar Cravings


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  • MACKIE46
    I do not agree with this article . First it tells you not eat artificially sweetened foods, then on # 4 it tells you to use fat free and lite foods in a recipe .
    I try to limit my calories to 1000 a day ., and if I didn't eat the light and fat free foods I would get hungry .. I know from my own experience that whenever I get used to eating fat free, and sugar free and artificial sweeteners that I no longer care for the foods that are sweetened with sugar . They all taste too sweet . Thanks for letting me put my 2 cents in .
  • When craving soda, I put 1 tablespoon juice into a glass and add seltzer water and ice. But replacing gummy worms with Hoody's - Deep South Praline Pecans is slowing my sugar cravings. Next I want to make my own with cinnamon.
  • My sugar cravings have greatly diminished since I joined Spark several weeks ago. They get really bad though when I'm really hungry. I have to plan now when I go out and take a snack with me or I will crumble. So far so good!
  • I like the hint about drinking a glass of water and waiting 10 minutes before indulging. Thanks!
  • My doctor said one oatmeal chocolate chip cookie a day won't hurt me -- so I bake them myself and freeze them and eat one a day -- and always include in on my tracker. I ate an orange today, and it made me very, very hungry -- that was just wrong!
  • Completely agree, sugar can be an addiction. Get away from refined sugars, and not only will you not crave them as much, you will begin to really appreciate the natural sweetness of whole unsweetened fruits and veggies.

    Try to eat local, in season vine ripened fruits an veggies to appreciate their sweetness. Try fully ripened sweet corn straight out of the field, or tomatoes right off the vine.

    My personal favorite treat is fresh strawberries, dipped in just a little dark chocolate.
  • Once you stop eating products with sugar, you will lose your sweet tooth, and sweet treats will taste too sweet!
  • Great suggestions. I gave up pre made desserts and love the homemade from scratch I find I do not eat as much. It is fun the make and healthy to eat.
  • The strawberry smoothie sounds like a good idea definitely going to try it, it sounds delicious.
  • I just read a study that was done at the Anshutz Wellness Center that states that diet drinks are NOT an evil but in fact can help you lose weitght.... Sp published it!
  • i believe that taking the time to make a healthy snack cookie or bar is the answer to control.
    then you know how many servings you are allowed and how many calories are involved. find a recipe with a good amout of fiber, like oats, chia seeds, and check out king arthur flour web site. they have a hi maize flour that has lots of fiber. baking with them is a smart idea, learn about them.
  • Soooo important to discover how to clean up the cleaned sweet tooth.
  • I love this essay.
  • Great tips, will give them a try

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