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Smarter Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Simple Tips for Mastering Your Sugar Cravings


  • For my GO TO sweet tooth satisfier, I have some favs that work for me every time.

    1. I make myself sit down and eat it slowly, really savoring the flavor and texture.
    (How many pounds have I put on over the years by devouring a hand full of this or that without ever tasting it?)

    2. I make a pan of brownies or yummy cupcakes, portion them in individual servings (usually 100 calorie) and stick them in individual sandwich bags in the freezer so portion size is already calculated and it is easy to track.

    3. I'll cook some prunes and stick them in a sealed jar in the frig . . . I need the extra fiber in my diet. They are so syrupy sweet that a couple is all I need to satisfy the sweet craving.

    4. For pure indulgence, I'll melt 1 ounce of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave and savor each spoonful - only 70 calories!!!
    For extra protein, add 1/3 serving of raw or toasted almonds - and I'm still less than 200 calories.

    - 10/9/2013 12:10:35 PM
  • I am so glad to see the author promoting real food instead of artificial, low fat, low calorie diet "food". So much better to eat whole, real food with real nutrients, which gives real satisfaction! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a moderate portion and move on. - 10/9/2013 9:36:59 AM
  • These tips are wonderful!!! I can't wait to try the fruit leather and other recipes. Hopefully using thes tips from this article will help me with my "sweet fang"!! - 10/6/2013 10:44:00 AM
  • Fruday and saturday is my sweet tooth. Don't know why but those two day's. Thanks for the great tips. - 8/3/2013 9:06:12 AM
    Loved the tips! It's great to see the push for real food over artificial, it really is more satisfying. - 4/6/2013 9:15:27 AM
  • Sweets are my kryptonite!! Thanks for the alternative suggestions! - 2/28/2013 3:02:10 PM
  • LLAIRD41
    I think that they are good tips for baking thank you - 2/27/2013 3:08:17 AM
  • I do have a sweet tooth and these are good tips I can do these without guilt and feeling like I blew it - 1/14/2013 5:29:13 AM

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