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How America Grew

A Timeline of National Growth


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  • The information here is interesting but I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to actually SEE what was considered "normal portions" back in the 50s vs. what is considered "normal portions" today. Has anyone got any real documentation on that?
  • Fantastic review of the last fifty or so years. However, let's not forget personal responsibility: as a nation, we chose to embrace the fast food/junk food/sedentary lifestyle, and THAT's why obesity is so prevalent today. However, Spark is also a great reminder that we can choose to make different choices: to eat more nutritious foods in moderation and exercise more for healthier, more fulfilling lives.
  • SparkPeople, telling it like it is! Woot, woot!!!!
  • Thank Heaven for spark people. It reminds and rewards us for getting back to basics like watching what we eat . Super sizes of anything do no one a favour.
  • Thank goodness for SPARK!!!!! Turning things back round!
  • It is interesting about portion sizes. I'm English, and I lived in Canada for a while, and the portions were twice what you get in the UK, even in chain fast food restaurants like Wendy's. To begin with, I would just eat half my meal, because I'd be full then, but after a while I adapted and ate the whole thing!

    Another thing I noticed about Canadian lifestyle - not sure if it's the same in the US - is that every social occasion involved eating. People would go out in the evening for dessert or snacks, and these desserts and snacks would be absolutely huge, like a meal in themselves. And whenever you go round people's houses, they offer you huge cookies - rather than the cup of tea you'd get in England! It's nice - but you do gain weight that way!
  • This is a great chronicle of the road that has led to such an epidemic of obesity, but it is my opinion that there is yet another "villain" helping us to "expand" and that is HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup!) IT IS IN ALMOST EVERYTHING!! Our bodies weren't created to know how to deal with this sweet, highly calorie concentrated substance, so our bodies turn it instantly to fat! I hope more companies will begin to put their customers' health first ahead of their profits and begin to sweeten with natural sweeteners like sugar, honey and so on!

    Thanks Mike for giving us a time line but I'd be interested to see the connection between the date of the introduction of HFCS and the beginning of our national weight gain included.
  • Corporate America makes it's profits by tempting people to get as fat as they can be ... helps those in the health, medical and pharmaceutical professions who believe in the business of disease versus prevention and wellness.
  • MACCER50
    I took my little girl to McDonald's to get a small drink and some chicken nuggets (this was our lunch) and they gave me a kid's meal instead of just chicken nuggets. I didn't realize this until she was munching on greasy fries and I asked her what she had. We were on our way to an event, so I didn't stop to ask them why -- but I am curious as to why. I did explain to my daughter that the reason I didn't want to get her any fries is because we were on our way to an ice cream social.
  • Nicely Done!!! Almost scary.
  • Yes America has grown larger food portions and lazier technology.....but sparks can also be guilty for the latter. I have noticed I spend more time on this webpage than I do anything else that is sedentary.....any comments to that????
  • NATS44
  • Great article, we need constant reminders as to why we are to fat.
  • There go I by the grace of good God.Love myself is key to who I'm for God gave me life.
  • Great article! Really puts it in black and white, exactly how we grew Gi-normous!


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