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Break Out of Your Food Rut!

5 Ways to Make Happier Meals


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  • I sometimes worry that being stuck in a food rut is keeping me nutritionally out of balance. Eating the same thing day after day may be overloading on some nutrients but skimping on others. But at the same time, being single, when I buy something, say a bunch of mixed greens, I have to keep eating them, because they just don't keep very long.
  • My biggest obsticle in planning meals is my schedule. I never know from one day to the next if I'm getting out early or late
  • I never knew there are so many kinds of pasta. Thanks for the information.
  • A great motivation article
  • I am getting into a rut so this s timely reminder to me.
  • I love cooking. Love it. But am having a difficult time with the dietary restrictions that I have that are complicated with the restriction of my boyfriend (I need a better word). Low fat, low sodium, diabetic, and the list goes on. I love trying to find recipes I can adapt.
    Working on mixing things up.
  • Lots of allergies so things I can't eat. I also don't taste. I am in a real food/menu rut. What I can do is use nice table linens, plan dinner by candlelight (even if its burgers) and have an occasional glass of wine to keep it festive.
  • I love to cook and I love to eat - probably part of the reason I got fat ha ha. I am in a planned food rut and love it! I know what to buy, it cooks easily, and I am losing weight. Hardest part was convincing my wife that I want the same things all the time. She always cooked her own, different, meals anyway. Works for me :)
  • At home, I load up on fruits and veggies and beans, etc. We're retired and my husband enjoys eating out frequently. At first, I was uncomfortable with menu's because I didn't want to jeapordize my healthy new eating habits. However, I've found many choices which are lower calorie options and I've found I can request non fat options on many dishes. Best part was, they were happy to prepare exactly what I wanted and even offered suggestions on nutritious options that I hadn't considered. I was happy to find such flexibility on the part of the restaurant and staff. Now, I look forward to eating out and eating healthy!
    Perhaps one small step to breaking out of a food rut a bit is to try selecting food that is fresh in season. Strawberries in June, asparagus in April through mid-June. Kale and kohl crops in the Fall. Best sources are local Farmers' Markets (or your own garden if you have space and inclination).
  • CookieBee54 - doesn't subscribing to that cost a fortune?
  • I subscribe to Blue Apron. Each week I receive a box filled with fresh vegetables and meat or seafood, spices, and easy to follow recipe cards. My meals are now healthy and interesting.
  • When I plan ahead, I love to cook. Most of the time I do, however when I feel physically drained I don't like to cook. It is nice to have meals ready to go on those days I can't cook.

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