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Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

Take Risks to Take Your Life to the Next Level


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  • ASLANGEL1030
    Is there a way to print this article in a one-page format? I need it to remind myself I am worth it!
  • Great article! This is exactly what I needed to read tonight!
  • This was a really great article.
  • This was a really great article.
  • ''Defining Your Core Values." link is broken
  • I totally agree w/BLUEJEAN99 and also--could not access the core values doc. Not sure why I couldn't access it and am wondering if anybody else had that issue. But still, good article. :)
  • Great article! Thank you.
  • Thanks for this great article. I have struggled with almost every category in my life and have certainly missed out on many opportunities because of fear of taking risks. I don't want to be in that "rocking chair" with only regrets to remember.
  • Thank you for the article, though Ayn Rand is not someone I would ever want to emulate in any way. There are many other smarter, kinder people to draw motivational quotes from!
    This was a great article! I've just decided to pursue my dream of a being an antiques dealer and I am amazed at how opportunities keep opening for the me the more I move forward! Love the "rocking chair test"- that's how I finally decided to do this!
  • Loved this article. Have printed it for reference and emailed it to others and interesting enough, I read this article at the right time in my life as I am at that moment in time where I am crossing the fear line and have started to make those changes and go for the opportunities. I thank spark people for the support and assistance in getting to this point/feeling in my life!! Laura
  • I have been straying a tad from my plan of exercising and eating right. I haven't been taking the time to plan things ahead which makes meals and exercising easier to make happen every day.

    I LOVED THE CORE VALUE work sheet!! I've heard a lot about how to make decisions based on your core values but wasn't sure what the were really. I can see how making decisions could be a lot easier now!

    What a great way to start the day! A new mind set.............Thank you.
  • GAYLE119
    wished I had cared more about myself when I was younger....I can see the roads not taken and things might have been different
  • I liked this article until the mention of Ayn Rand. There are a lot of hateful things that have been written by this person, so I'll just have to wait for something more suitable to my taste. . ..

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