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4 Mindless Habits That Are Hurting Your Weight Loss

Get Focused to Get Back on Track


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  • Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day.
  • Great reminders here, just what I needed to stay focused!
  • A great article that gives me some great ideas for changing today!
  • Mastering all of these healthy habits takes time. I am worth that effort!
  • I have to remember my own mantra, what works for me and do it daily. Now there will be times I won't be 70% but I need to make it part of my everyday for ME! I'm beyond worth it.

    God bless, Dee
    Thank you for the ideas.
  • Great suggestions to use as is or to modify for personal use.
    Brussels sprouts
  • This was a poorly thought out and poorly written article. Why because it speaks in absolutes and it makes them seem like they are achievable for EVERYONE. They are not. No one should ever carry snacks in their car - a moment's distraction causes an accident. I've been hit by a "healthy muncher" who wasn't paying attention to the road. I could exercise vigorously until I drop and I will never shed a drop of sweat. I don't sweat. Thankfully I learned this early - all I will do is overheat and then I will drop and be sick for days. As for the folks who are too busy to ... you fill in the blanks. You are only too busy if you let yourself get too busy. Say no. Kids don't need an organized activity every single day of the week. Begin by saying NO. Then completely UNPLUG at least 2 hours every evening. You don't need TV or your phone every waking minute. Only eat at the table. Avoid fast food and chain restaurants. None of it is good for you. Life is only complicated if you let it run you instead of choosing to live it.
    "Set up a bedtime routine and stick with it; this will help trigger your brain and body to prepare for rest."

    This is so true!

    Since using the bedtime setting on my Fitbit, and USING IT...I am sleeping better.
    The "alarm" goes off at 9:30pm which is my signal to turn off the computer AND phone, shower (lukewarm water) brush teeth, and get ready for bed at 10:00pm
    Some nights it helps, others it doesn't but the consistency is what matters!
  • Mindless munching changing to snack planning (fruits &
  • The article had good advice. I just had one problem with the "treating yourself". All the treats required spending money. I would have added free things to the treats such as a weekend camping trip away from people or go visit your favorite aunt that you haven't seen in years if possible. Little things can be free.
  • I can't seem to figure out which is better...wake up at 5:30 and get in a workout, or forego exercise for sleep. I lose an hour of sleep when I wake up to work out & my schedule is literally so tight that I don't have that 5 extra minutes to add each night. I run around until midnight, then pass out.

    So, my question continues to be...sleep or exercise? It sounds like it would be easy to have both, but as a full-time, working mother, I would love to know where I could find that extra time.
  • I've tried the sleeping advice and finally got my sleep pattern down - almost. The problem I have is when the time changes. So, to combat that, I change my bed and wake up time to stay the same. In the summer I get up at 6:30am, and in the winter, I get up at 7:30am. Seems to be working. P.S. I'm retired.
  • Sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep, sleep, no sleep. Kind of gets me tired just thinking about it. This camper defiantly skimps on sleep. The pay off for skimping is I end up not having enough strength to eat right, exercise, and plan. Sooooo, this was a great article for me to read.

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