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VIDEO: 15-Minute Qi Gong Routine

From the ''Qi Gong: Fire and Water'' DVD


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    try this!
    Not available to mac users because it uses real player. cannot view it as a result.
  • The video won't play.
  • I can't get this to load or play..??
  • Thank you for sharing!
    LOVED this!
  • I wasnt too sure about this workout but was really relaxed at the end of it. I think I will try it again and see how it goes. I do like yoga and this type of meditation since it really helps me calm down and relax.
  • I do water aerobics classes and we include some Qi Gong routines at the end of the class. Our leader always explains what part of the body each movement is supposed to improve. I love doing them and have been looking for a good video. I will definitely try this and share it with the other women in our class.
    I cannot wait to try this video! My sister had breast cancer in 2004, and her doctor told her to go home and get her affairs in order. There was nothing more to be done. She began working with a Qi Gong practitioner just to help her feel better and relieve stress. She would feel so much better after her sessions, that eventually she decided she wanted to go to China to work with a ---what would they be called? A master teacher? She was so weak sick when she left, that my brother in law had to carry her onto the plane, and honestly, in the back of our minds, we all knew there was possibility she wouldn't come back. She came back, four weeks later. She walked off the plane, having gained 15 pounds and carrying her own luggage! Even her doctor was purely amazed and because of this he felt that she was now strong enough to go through another round of chemo. We had an awesome Christmas holiday-- A few months later, she walked the 3 day!!! And 15 months after returning from China, she lost her battle with cancer at 40 years old. Yes, it's a sad story, but her QiGong practice kept her moving and active and ALIVE for over a year. After her passing, I came home to Texas, and there was nothing QiGong anywhere. I've heard about DVDs, but I was hesitant, since some DVDs are really not that good. I truly believe in the the power of QiGong---I can't wait to try it!
  • Love this! I feel so great after doing this segment..I am ordering video! I do this after all my workouts are done to de stress, feel more energized to keep the rest of my day going
  • I really love the connection with energy and the earth. It is so restful and gives me a relief from stress. I ordered the DVD, and it had a free download too! I need Qi Gong to help me to settle down. Sometimes Dr.'s do not help with stress.
  • I do this video every morning to start my day focused and calm. Next I do my strength videos and on to my Zumba.

    I so enjoy Qi gong...a great mediation practice.
  • As an adult with ADD, this is an excellent focusing aid. I plan to come back to this workout, any time of day that I need help recentering and focusing.
  • seems like a great way to regain your cool at work or begin a good and calm day. i really liked it!
  • Maybe you could try this before going to bed at night if you have trouble sleeping. Not a morning workout for me, because it is a bit too slow and relaxing, I am looking for a jump start to my day.

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