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A Brief History of Vegetable Gardening

The Evolution of America's Green Thumb


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  • Criticism that backyard gardens would cause a decrease in purchasing farmed goods (and local farmers would decline) is ridiculous. If anything, it drives gardeners to farmer's markets the produce section of stores; once you taste the fresh stuff it is really, really hard to buy canned or processed.
  • I love having a garden! Fortunately for me, my husband does the preparing, planting and weeding, and I get the joy of cooking with fresh veggies! We grow primarily tomatoes, zucchini and butternut squash, which the deer pretty much leave alone. Would love to grow a few other things, but that would require a tall fence. Oh well, nothing beats a home grown tomato, and the squash is extremely versatile...I love squash soup, squash pie, squash muffins, etc....
    1st page, 3rd paragraph… 40& instead of 40%. Otherwise, a good article.
  • Interesting that the Clintons had such a difficult time getting a garden approved. The garden now at the White House is so popular! And now they even have bees and Beer!

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