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7 Things that Separate Weight-Loss Winners & Losers

How You Could Stay on Top of Your Game


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  • Very informative!
  • I will be a winner.
  • Thanks for the info
  • Great article. My hubby and I are a weight loss journey together. We are super strict on the weekdays and lacks on the weekends. We Work Out 5 times a week changing the routine up every couple of days so we can make exercise fun. This is definitely a lifestyle change for us so we try not to be too hard on ourselves. E
  • I found a new route this week that is 5 minutes longer but is much more enjoyable to walk. I'm liking it!
  • While I'm not a social person and don't like team activities, I do like the 5% challenge teams on SP. I can choose how much I interact and no one is in my face. It gives me the accountability of partners while giving me my privacy.
  • Goals are essential.
    The picture with this article shows a person who is a model who was never overweight in her life.....
  • I like the team concept. I eascalways last one picked as a fat kid. Spark Teams redefine what team spirit is. I have never felt belittled or a failure on any Spark Team. Also, my biggest competitor is me. The way I participate makes me what to keep going and beat my own statistics. I have lost 30 pounds and know that my teams have been a big part of my success.
  • Different people need to do different things to be successful at weight loss. We aren't one size fits all.
  • Good points in this article, but I think you are doing many people a disservice by trying to make them believe that you need a team to lose weight. I enjoy articles on SP, and have learned many things, but I am not an overly social person, I value my privacy. I am proud of my weight loss, but that does not mean I need to announce it to the world, I prefer my privacy from coworkers, we are there to work not socialize, most of these people don't realize how tiring it is to hear them constantly going on about their husband, kids, mother in law or what ever the problem is today, or the TV programs they watched blow by blow, I don't even have a TV.

    Socializing every aspect of your life is a personal choice, not a necessity before you can lose weight!
  • I like this article. I am in the middle of a huge struggle and having the spark articles and blogs makes a huge difference. I have been 3 months now trying to take off weight. Problem is as hard as I try to eat right , every meal is a challenge. My colostomy surgeries put me in a position of not being able to eat many foods. Especially the ones I love most. I love my broccoli, my beans, my cauliflower. My go to snack was always first and foremost nuts. Now I try to plan and portion my meals eating proper foods. A tomato sandwhich...oh wait, I cannot have tomatoes, I want that sandwhich on a beautiful , fresh slice of whole wheat bread, oh nope, can only have white bread, the stuff I was taught years ago was poison. I cannot every again in my life have a handful of almonds, but I can have as many donuts as my little heart desires! The list goes on and on. Nothing can be more discouraging except that in 3 months I have not lost any weight but the good news is I have been able to maintain and not gain a single pound and at the end of the day when I am hungry and cranky, I come read my spark mail. That helps so, so much. I always find something that makes me look forward to trying again tomorrow. Thank you for that!

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