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Tabata Training 101

Does This 4-Minute Fitness Technique Deliver?


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  • This is the best way for karate to be practiced, and while not all schools teach it this way the good ones do. As a martial artist I've been doing this kind of exercise for decades. I'm glad to see there is scientific evidence telling me that what my experience has shown me to be true is not just in my imagination.
  • Thanks for linking to the research!
    Thanks for sharing
  • Although I haven't used this method in a little while, I really like it! It makes me feel great afterwards-accomplished and fit!
  • Great information. Thanks for sharing
  • Great idea for the treadmill.
  • I use the treadmill a lot, I will have to try this sometimes.
  • Will try this on treadmill.
  • Very interesting idea! I so plan to incorporate this in my routine!
  • This is the best way for martial arts to be practiced, which makes it a very old exercise method. Some of us have been working out like this for a long time (over four decades in my case). And others worked out like this centuries ago, probably even millennia.

    The reason it's the best way for martial arts to be practiced is the principle of specificity: training effect is specific to training stimulus; you get good at doing the specific thing you do in other words. Martial arts in practice are done at full intensity, so it is best to practice them that way.

    All rules have exceptions and so does this one. Martial art exercises should also be done very slowly sometimes, to dissect the movement so to speak and perfect each detail of it. They should also be part of a larger exercise program that includes things like weight training, long walks, and so on. Variety is good, for all exercisers, not just martial artists. But short intense bursts throughout the day is a very useful part of the mix, and martial arts are very good ways to do that exercise.
  • Not sure about anyone else, but I use the "Cicuit training/bootcamp" option to log Tabata/HIIT workouts.
    We do this kind of stuff for fun, just to elliviate the boredom of exercising, did not know it had a name, lol. A lot of daily exercise is boring, so you speed it up in between to wake yourself up from the monotony.

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