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The Buzz On Energy Drinks

Magical Elixir or Scam in a Can?



4/13/2014 3:36:27 AM

I used to be an addict but they are stuffed full of sugar and put my blood sugar on a roller coaster for the rest of the day! The sugar free versions are basically a can full of chemicals. They are a massive con.


11/20/2013 10:33:25 AM

You can see that this "article" is skewed from the start. Although I've never tried an energy drink, some of the arguments that the author makes against them is blatantly anti-product. For example, to say caffeine hasn't been proven to increase performance in short-term sports, but it's a controlled substance is ridiculous. The reason it is a controlled substance is that it has been proven through many studies to increase performance on both a short term and medium term basis.
I agree that these drinks which are just caffeinated liquid sugar, that have almost no nutritional value, but if you are going to write an article on them you should show some journalistic integrity and don't let your personal bias show so obviously.


9/15/2012 2:40:12 PM

CATLADY2012's SparkPage
Good article except the statement:

"You are literally flushing your money down the toilet as your body excretes the extra vitamins out through your urine!"

Literally flushing money? I haven't ever seen that, but figuratively, yes, you are flushing money down the toilet!


9/15/2012 9:39:04 AM

Great article. Very Informative. Hope most people will get to know this. I have seen the ill effects of energy drinks in my practice as a Cardiologist /Rhythm specialist. Had a 18 year old who drank a 5hr energy drink and went into atrial fibrillation that needed shock to bring it back to normal . I tell my patients not to use these drinks and kid with them saying " I have enough work, Do not add more"
Thanks for your research.
C Rayani


9/15/2012 5:42:45 AM

Agreed. Eat real food and have some coffee, you don't need "energy" drinks.


8/4/2012 10:41:13 PM

LATEBIRD's SparkPage
I have never been a fan of energy drinks, and I didn't believe they lived up to their claims. Now I know I was right. I love your son's idea of filling an empty with water.

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