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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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  • Well I do get up without the snooze. Now to get in those 8 glasses of water a day. Wish my black coffee would count
    I enjoyed this article. It kind of caused me to pause and think about how long it took to put on all the weight and that I shouldn't expect it to go in just a day--AND IT'S OKAY TO THINK THIS WAY. Thank you so much...I plan to be in the "Bull Run" this time next year...
  • Oh my....i felt like this article was written just for me. Very motivational and I too am going to put that list up!!!!
  • This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. It's a more mellow energy day today, and I wanted to stay in bed. But I got up and did my exercise, now am on step two....reading a motivational article each day. Glad it was this one because it's right on the nose.
  • I so agree with this. I was fortunate enough to learn the easy way. When I first started running, I mapped out a course of 4 miles and put on my shoes and went right to it. Barely a mile in I was exhausted, achy out of breath and miserable. I stopped and there was my husband on his bike with a water bottle. He just said ,you need a drink. and did you really think you could run 4 miles the first time out? We both had a laugh and walked back together. After that it was all slow and steady for me. I just ran a 1/2 marathon and have not been sore or injured. Granted a little luck is involved but I never push myself past what my body tells me to do. I am definitely a slow and steady type of person now. It works for me.
  • JIF272000
    I was just feeling discouraged today about how long it is taking me to reach my goals. Thanks for reminding me that consistent and continued effort are the key.
  • Boy, do I appreciate this article. I was in great shape, but I forgot that I had to get there one step at a time. Now I'm starting over and I have to remember those steps it took. It's going to be one day at a time.
  • I agree, though had to learn it the hard way. After starting a running program to do my first ... TRIATHALON... with arthritis and an artificial hip, I completely messed myself up. Now, that I am back on SP, I have started to walk/jog a 20 minute mile instead of going from Couch to 6 min mile with no in between.

    HEY EVEN AUDI'S NEED TO WARM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I like the thought of starting small cause you cant run till you've walkedand you cant walk till youve learned to crawl. so for now im crawling-so to speak haha
  • 25%GONE
    It's true. I started a learn to run program and I started too fast. I had to stop two weeks in and wait a couple of weeks for my calves to stop being sore before I could re-start.
    I love this concept ~ love Fast Break kinds of goals ~ have done fast break again several times, it's a gr8 way to refocus, get started again or get started in a new direction or dream :)
  • KYLEES75
    i love this, definitly starting small has its benefits. im gonna print this out and put it on my fridge or somewhere where ill remember thanks
  • I like this.. I'm starting small...... Thanks
    I've learned to celebrate the small accomplishments. If you don't you'll get so discouraged and give up and I have many times. Always appreciate the smallest accomplishments ex. 5lb's lost.
  • I'm printing this list out and taping it to my bathroom mirror, my computer screen, my dashboard in my car, my refrigerator... just to remind me to try to take these baby steps every day. Thanks for a great article!

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