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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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    It's funny that I read this article tonight because i just recently posted a blog about the small things that I have been doing adding up to a 5 pound loss. After reading this it puts it even more into perspective for me and also allows me to smile as I realize that "I've got this" :)
  • "People who won’t go to the dentist will jab needles in their face for a fast way to look good." What? I don't know what you're referring to, and it makes your writing look weak.
    I was motivated by the article. I am going to start small and work towards big weight loss results.
    Wow, I had tears in my eyes at the end of this article... To know you do not have to do change everything all at once! Small changes.. healthy choices.. will lead in time to a healthy lifestyle.. gives me hope!
  • Really needed to read this one again. Months into successful loss & Sparking, life got hectic. & I've become kind of discouraged. I think I've lost track of the small successful changes that I *have* made. Just need to keep at it! Thanks!
  • Well I guess I have read this logic before, and like before it has again left me feeling motivated to have another go. My trouble seems to be maintaining that motivation. I do like the general look and feel of this site and the contributors, so I hope it will help me win the increasingly difficult battle of the bulge.
  • This morning i woke up frustrated because I couldn't get my diet "right" in a few days. I hate being fat, I hate working out, and I hate counting calories. If I needed to choose the one that makes me more frustrated is being fat. This article helped me to see that starting small is good. It doesn't mean that I just don't want to scream because my clothes don't feel any looser, but I will be patient and work everyday to improve my life and health
  • Hi to all this fits me to a T as i am a Taurus the Bull and as usual like to race a head when i reaaly need to slow down and take things one at a time like loosing weight i expect it to happen stright away and it wont work like that so u could say my anology is that of a raring bull so i will have to learn to take baby steps but me being me will find this so hard because ive always been a perfectionist by nature which is good cus ive had so many dissapointment in life and lots of good things too but just cant wait to get back to being the perfect me again.

  • This was very inspiring and exactly what I needed to hear today!
  • I am so glad I read this, I was feeling so discouraged by how little I was able to do, how hard it all seemed to be, just really overwhelmed. I am now going to do a little at a time and increasing as it feels natural to do so.
  • I loved the author's analogy of the bulls racing to the charge vs. our approach to fitness. It really clicked with me. Now I don't have to feel like I should be racing to the goal; but rather I can steadily build on a foundation of healthy habits. One step at a time!
  • So, So true!!!!!
  • Today for the first time I started to feel overwhelmed by all I need/want to do on my road to better health and fitness.. and you reminded me what I had forgotten.. what had gotten me this far. Small steps. Thank you.
  • JLFEATH829
    I really needed to read this's easy to feel discouraged by the mega-success of others who have been with SP for longer. I need to use those success stories as motivation instead of being intimidated or shamed by them!
  • This was a great article and something I need to apply to myself. Thanks!

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