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Starting Small is No Bull

Start Slow for BIG Results


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My biggest challenge put to words - starting small. Thanks! Report
People do expect instant results. I have a friend who jumps from fad diet to fad diet. Within a week she loses interest. It isn't like she gained the weight overnight so why she thinks she can lose it overnight is a mystery.

But then people think they can get a blackbelt in 6 months and learn a foreign language in 10 days. Report
Interesting analogy using the Pamplona running of the bulls. It's very true that in our society we're trained to want/desire/expect instant gratification, so therefore, we must have an all or nothing attitude.

If we start out at top speed right from the beginning we're doomed to fail. Yet people look down on those who are just starting out for setting goals that may seem too easy. You have to remember that we all were at that beginning stage at some point. You might be a marathon runner now, but a year ago, you might have only been able to walk around the block.

Think about the amazing progress a baby makes in the first year or 2 of life. We all started by crawling, then walking, then running. At first we could only coo and babble, then form a few words, then phrases, then complete sentences. We could scribble with our crayons, then graduated to printing, then to cursive writing. It's the same with getting healthy. We start slowly, achieve our first goals, and build from there.

Life is a process of continued learning and improvement. Report
VERY nice article indeed!!

I walk SLOW. I have a bad neck and walking fast jars it. I have a bad lower back. I have back knees and hips and feet and I have acute persistent asthma. I can walk a 10K and have several times. The last time was 3 years ago, but I could still do one today. I will just take a long time to do it. My sister commented on me coming in dead last at the last one I did (she didn't do it but to her benefit she was VERY pregnant at the time). I looked at her and said, no I did NOT come in dead last. I was dead last of the people who DID IT, but I came in WAY AHEAD off all of the people who started and DROPPED OUT (and there were many) and the ones who did not do it at all! You can do anything you want to AT YOUR OWN PACE. I had a friend at a gym I went with for a VERY SHORT time because he kept saying I wasn't "working hard enough". Really?? I was working hard enough I was sweating, in my 80% target heart range and had to use my rescue inhaler pre and post but I wasn't working "hard enough". Bite me. Report
Great article! I started with swimming, to the eliptical, to walking on the treadmill, to running on the treadmill, to running outside. I ALWAYS tell people this so that they know that it's normal to start out slower :) Report
An amazing article and one I will refrence again.
It's taken me quite awhile to realize that the little things really do add up! Report
This story is great, it has somehow giving me perspective. There is so much advice on what to do and how to do it, I often feel overwhelmed, although I am grateful for everything that is shared with me. I just need to remind myself, it takes time to get healthy just like it took time for my heath to get out of control. I am concentrating on watching what I eat and moving a little more each day. Thank you ! Report

"Just concentrate on not getting run over by the bulls." This is now my new motto for this stage in my journey to a new lifestyle! Thanks for such a simple and encouraging article. Report
Trampled by the bulls - too funny! but good point! Report
What a wonderfully & subtle motivational article! Thank you - it was exactly what I needed this morning. Report
Hannah-Riley, he's referring to people who won't go to a dentist because they are afraid of needles but will go to a beauty specialist to get botox (or other types) injections in their face to remove wrinkles, etc. Report
I'm definitely choosing the "Get up without the snooze button" - This is definitely a flaw of mine. I can hit that button at least 20 times, and that's usually when it turns off anyway and I have been late to work several times because it didn't go off again to wake me up (MY FAULT TOTALLY)..........So I'm going to try it at least for tomorrow - I know it's a Saturday but we'll see..........Then I'll try it for a full week!!! Thanks for the this list of small steps Report
This makes me feel good. I've been doing this before I read this article. I'm so happy to learn about ways to increase my health. Very encouraging article. Report
You have to take Baby steps and then increase slowly !I go for walks but have gone fromwalking on flat groundto going up hills to bigger ones! i didnt think i could do it but i did YAY and you can too,BONNIE Report
This is great for those who are afraid to take that first step. Everything great has to start somewhere. Five minutes of walking is better than five minutes on the sofa. Report

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