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Make Your New Year's Momentum Last

Train Your Mind to Trim Your Body


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  • Be an inspiration to those around you by making the most of each day.
  • Great article. Like the premark technique.
  • I'm already working on the Premack principle -making myself exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast ( I do have a big glass of warm water with lemon first. So far it's working but I know I'll have no time to do that on Sunday and Monday before having to go out so I'll see what happens next week. Not sure about using "rewards" either as I am on a limited budget. Has to be VERY low cost or no cost.
  • Nope.
    Want to make substantive changes? Don't lie to yourself at New Year's. Test your dedication by starting right before Thanksgiving.

    And STOP joining the gym after Christmas. We all know you'll be back on the couch by the end of the month, and in the interim you mess up the regular's routine.
  • What?? No dessert till you've eaten your vegetables? My mother said that, and the result was that sugar and fat were something wonderful, while savory food was this horrible undesirable chore that we had to endure before we could be rewarded.

    Sugar should NOT be a reward. Healthy food should NOT be an onerous task.

    Phooey on this one.
  • AWESOME article! It really spoke to me ... I needed it! Thank you!!! It's a keeper.
  • Terrific article packed with concrete examples, good ideas, and supportive helpful how-to's. I will copy this one and put it on my hard-druive!

  • Great Article! Thank you!

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