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The Frequent Traveler's Guide to Staying Healthy

Maintain Your Diet and Fitness Routine away from Home


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  • This is a very informative article. Thank You.
  • I'm the opposite Prussianette. You can put money on the fact that I will gain five pounds. And that's with going to the hotel or cruise ship gym. I love walking the stairs on the cruise ship.
    But I never freak or get worried because once I'm on my normal routine I loose it in about a week.
    I also love traveling with my niece. We have too much fun together.

  • I have to admit, I really struggle with why people gain weight when traveling. I ALWAYS lose weight when I travel--especially on vacation. No stress from work, moving all day long, love seafood--and away from that refrigerator that constantly stares you in the face when you are at home. Went on a week and a half trip with my niece and I actually had to stop wearing some clothes by the end of the trip as they were too big!!

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