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Chronic Stress: Something to Worry About!

How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks


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I have witnessed first hand what stress can do to a body. It is vital to find outlets for your stress. Report
Good in depth information on stress Report
Gives me a great understanding of stressors and what it does to our bodies. Thank you. Report
Great article. So much to work on. Report
Great tips, but I already know where my stress is coming from. I pray every day that my grandchildren will make it safely to and from school. I will use some of your tips to offset this stress. Thanks! Report
How true that noting the "stress times" can shed light into the dark spaces of where stress begins for each of s. It helped me when it dawned on me one day long ago while I was working in my lowly position, that my most stressful moments occur when I am stuck "in between ," in a situation where I have responsibility and No Control or choice. Powerless, but expected to satisfy conflicting demands. Knowing that helped me let it float on by.... Report
Good tips Report
I do allow stress to control me too much theses days. Report
I should get 10 points for that article. I'm going to tell you, incorporate exercise into your daily life, cut refined/processed sugar treats, do relaxation activities like prayer, meditation, yoga. These help deal with situations so you feel less stress. Report
Thanks. I needed a reminder. Number 10 "Stay in the present moment". Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks. Report
Reading this couldn't have come at a better time in my life! I no longer go to work, so friends and neighbours just assume that my life is heaven on earth, whereas in truth, it's frequently the opposite! Just because a person is not working, it doesn't mean that our lives are all we'd hoped, imagined and dreamed they'd be.

There are so many articles, good articles, written for the majority of people who are still working, but I often feel that those of us who can no longer work are the 'forgotten masses'. It would be great to have access to sensibly written articles or books which were focused on the stresses those of us at home face, eg. less income, money saving ideas such as growing our own vegetables, etc. I'm not asking for any 'change your life in three days' articles, just some helpful suggestions for those of us who are living at home, who are the only person in the house, and who would often just wish we could come up with some other worthwhile ideas to help improve our lot in life. Not complaining, just suggesting that there are a lot of us out there in this big wide world. Thanks.
Chris. Report
You need to have an article (s) for people who are at home. I see my sister one day a week, alone all the rest of the time. Have recovered from colon cancer and broken leg. However, had to retire from work. Please also do these articles for people who work retail and have stressful times with customers and work loads. I always try to find information I can modify for my situation. Report
Since my stent placement in 2015 I wear a necklace to work every day with a turtle and a heart. This is a constant reminder to take it slower and to think about my heart. I stress less and get more done! Report

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