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11 Nice Ways to Say 'No' to Food Pushers

Politely Turn Down Food at Parties and Gatherings


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  • OMG I just dare somebody to tell me if I don't eat it they're going to have to force me to. Go ahead, make my day!
  • I usually just say, 'No thanks, I'm good.' Most people don't argue with that.
    Diabetes runs in my family, while I'm not diabetic (I did have gestational diabetes), I've told people I'm pre-diabetic. That shuts them up right away!! :)
    You know I'd love to but I just can't!
  • Oh, and "I have an adverse reaction to that". I do- I get fat. ;-)
  • Great article! Here are my suggestions:
    "It looks so good and I know a lot of work and love went into it, but I just can't hold another bite of your delicious food!"
    Mostly what food pushers want is to know that they are appreciated.

    As for the leftover quandary, if you feel you HAVE to take it, throw it away at your earliest convenience. For me, sometimes this means finding a place to toss it before I get to the house. Once it's in the door, it's that much harder to resist. I know this sounds cold, but let's be honest, here: The person put the money, time and effort into the dish, whether you eat it or not. It's going to wind up disposed of once it gets through your system anyhow- You're just saving it a few steps. :-)
  • Many of these are good suggestions. But not all.
    "White lies" are still lies, however, AND violate my moral code of honesty, values, and ethics. I would have FAR greater ethical epercussions from lying -- even if only my Lord God and I know that I am lying -- than from just saying no thank you.
    Really, is it professional and appropriate to be teaching others to LIE to get their way? About a serving of food?? How irresponsible of the Spark People staff who put this list together to include that "tactic"!! That action says to me, if you want ME to like to others for convenience, how often are YOU GUYS lying to ME??

    What ever happened to honesty and integrity in ALL transactions? I am very disappointed, guys.
  • CRODD1
    So,etimes a sense of humor can deflect others,Such as when offered food. You can say "no thanks I am driving"
  • I say "Oh, I wish I could, but I'm soooo full right now!"
  • Although most close family and friends always say that I look and eat like a bird, when in reality I do eat a lot (mostly healthy foods & meals), and appreciate when I kindly tell them that I'm very watchful in what eat. In turn, they also want to learn the same will power in saying 'No, thanks".
    I say that my health is endangered by those foods because I'm very sensitive to them.
    If they say 'but I saw you eat them last month' I say that I have a hard time staying away from them sometimes, but that still, my health is served best by not having them.
  • A lie is a lie. If you lower yourself morally to win physically, you have lost a bigger battle. Better to have a clear conscience than have to look yourself in the mirror the next morning knowing you lied. "The truth shall set you free!"
    Woe to anyone who tried any of these tactics on me! LOL! I have no problem saying, "NO" and I don't explain anything, either.
  • No, thanks.

    It's not necessary to justify your answer. If they persist, just keep repeating, "No, thanks."
  • I just tell them the truth. I have been eating a new way. I feel good and have lost weight. I am off all sugar. The inflamation in my back has gone down because of it. (I have back problems, and this is the truth.) So, I can't eat it. Sorry. But thanks anyway. Most people want to know what I have been doing because they might want to do it themselves. Since I feel better, they are interested in what I am doing.
    I can not control how they feel, but I can control how I eat.

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