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Sensational Stir Fry Cooking

A Quick, Healthy and Versatile Cooking Technique


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    Just need to watch the sodium, but a great way to cook.

    The chickpea and tomatoes recipe sounds good. Thank you
  • BONNIEG1947
    ok,i,m back and I,m staying,i had gastric by- pass about 7 yrs ago and lost 119lbs,but have gained back 45lbs, got layed off work and that's when I gained the weight back,i want to loss that and about 20lbs more,i live by myself, and I,ve got to get back into cooking for myself I was baptize in Jan., and joined my church,so I have a lot of praying for me,with Gods help and friends I will reach my goal
  • Great article, really useful. Good suggestions. I love stir-fried veggies and I am going to buy a wok soon.
  • is there anyway, we can save these article for future reference..?
  • i like it the best when I can load up on the vegetables.
  • Wow, I had forgotten about stir-frying! When I was raising my family, this was one of my favorite ways to cook. LIke it says...quick, easy and healthy! I 'm going out today to buy me a new wok...and some veggies. Enjoyed the article. Will try some of the suggestions as well.

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