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Why Getting Outside is So Good for You

Are You Nature-Deprived?


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  • I need to work on this. Try to get out for at least a short walk!
  • I try to walk outside every day. Even if it's raining, I walk laps on my front porch which is 40 feet long.
  • Dearly Beloved and I walk outside every morning as much as possible.
  • Living on Cape Cod summer is easy. I'm outside for walking, going to the beach, yard and garden work, and using my outside porch for meals and reading. Fall and spring can be more challenging, but still very doable. Winter is the biggest challenge. We spend January in Florida, but have to bundle up and brave the cold for December, February, and March.
  • Rain or shine, my furry friend and I are regularly out side for his play time and my need to break out of the house. Does us both good.
  • I live in a small city close to many parks but do not consider it safe to walk in the long isolated trails alone. I walk on the city streets. At the moment I live in B.C. Canada about 6 hours drive from the forest fires. For the past 3 days I can not see any sun or clouds, only smoke, it is rated high with lots of different metal particles in the air that can cause cancer & shorten your life the government site says. It is suppose to be better tomorrow afternoon, if so I will walk then. I have 3 blood clots in one lung and get pain in my lungs and eyes when outside. I have had this for 36 hours and it has not stopped. I only went outside for 30 minutes. I had to walk to a Dr. and get a important blood test regarding my blood clots.
  • I live in the mountains and have national parks in my area. It is so good to have nature on my doorstep.
  • When I was in Jamaica I got up early everyday and walked or biked the 2 miles to work. I spent much more time outdoors than I do now. Because I have no friends in this area and no one to work out with it is not much fun. I thought putting my headphones on would help but it does not really motivate me as much. I should try again.
  • I committed to doing my daily yoga practice outdoors for the entire month of July. While it's been so hot I slip on the mat sometimes due to sweating, it's been one of the best things I've ever done. Something about seeing the actual sun during sun salutations and hearing and seeing birds at my feeders has really enriched my practice and my life. I'm going to be spending more time outdoors from now on!
  • I agree totally with your article. To me, being outside daily and adds perspective to life and gardening centers your life in nature rather than in a house or office or school. Six weeks after joining Spark I wrote a blog about how I planned to adjust my Spark goals to meet my personal needs which described how gardening anchored my life.

    Gardening was not possible when I lived in New York City, but during the 9 years I spent there, I walked nearly everywhere I went and spent time walking through Central Park or, on Sundays, visiting the Cloisters, where there were gardens and harpsichord music.

    So, Jenn, you hit the nail on the head with this blog. Being outside at least for a while each day is an important part of being healthy. To your points, I might add that being outside expands the space that encloses you, so you get a broader perspective on life.

  • I agree. However in FL this time of year over 100 index not good for you . I do try to get out non mosquito and lower heat times. We do make up for it in late fall and winter.
  • I suffer from SAD. If I do jot get outside daily, I pay a price.
  • I love to walk around the track at my school.
  • Walking or jogging outside is always more enjoyable to me. I feel more relaxed after spending time exercising out of doors!
  • Enjoying God's nature is food for the soul. I did a 2 mile walk/jog today at a trail near where I live. It was a beautiful day with dark blue skies and sweet smelling wild flowers. Loved it!

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