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Come On, Get Happy!

Let Go of Negativity and Increase Your Happiness Set Point


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  • For years i dwelt on the negative & all it did was forestall meeting my goals. I have now developed a more balanced perspective & not only feel better but accomplish more.
  • For years i dwelt on the negative & all it did was forestall meeting my goals. I have now developed a more balanced perspective & not only feel better but accomplish more.
    Since working this program, I have been happy.
  • Today I am going to go for some NSV by smiling more, laughing more and sharing those smiles and laughs with people I don't know.
  • I try to focus on the positive. But sometimes I am not focused and allow myself to to be sucked into the negative. Some of this is habit, but I have to keep working at it.
  • I have a daughter who is positive in the extreme. When I asked her how she could stand the unreasonable demands that her boss places on her, she simply shrugs and says, "he pays me well and expects the best from me - I refuse to let the stress take over!" DH is the other extreme, who thinks anything that can go wrong, will! I am somewhere in the middle. I am positive most of the time but sometimes get derailed by circumstances.
  • I would respectively request that you members of the Cult of Positivity kindly stay out of the way of the realists; those of us who are not so foolish to think that you can solve a damned thing by wishing it away.
    You have to face facts, even when they are unpleasant, and deal with them accordingly . Like, for example, you're fat because you eat too much, and you eat the wrong stuff, and you don't move enough. That's not going to change unless you change your habits, and no one is responsible for it but you.
    In a work environment, you cultists are risky liabilities.
  • Great article!! I do my best to focus on the positive every day. My new mantra, when I see something I don't like - rude behavior, litter on the street - is to be the change that I want to see if the world. I can be pleasant and polite even when others are rude. I can pick-up the trash so that others see how nice the area looks when the trash is put in the trash can. Ruminating just puts me in a negative place and is not worth it. Let's all be the change that we want to see in the world!
  • Excellent article and just what I needed to start my day on a positive note. I've had some particularly challenging days with one of my adult children and this is a reminder that I need to limit my exposure.
  • Wonderful article. Thank you.
  • This is a well thought out and well researched article. I can't love it more! Thank you.
  • Good post and good reminders to see the bright side of life. When I wake up I want to always remember how lucky I am to be awake and raring to go!
  • Thank you, good points. I like the way you summed that up.

    I have to wonder though if your client felt heard by you when she complained about not getting anything done and you seemed so determined to focus on the positive? It was not what she wanted to discuss.
  • This is such a terrific article. Occasionally I see an article in the media pooh poohing the pursuit of happiness on the grounds that it is selfish. This essay makes it clear of the costs to NOT pursuing it:

    Unchecked negativity leads to a host of emotions such as anger, anxiety and depression. Those feelings can lead to stomach disorders, increased blood pressure, tight muscles, tension headaches, and a multitude of physical sensations most would prefer to avoid. Chronic negativity can make us sick!

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